Gateway Project 2020

Digital Product

You will make a digital summary of your Gateway Project using Adobe Spark webpage.

Create an account on Adobe Spark.

  • Go to
  • Click on START NOW
  • You will have to put in your birth date
  • Select WEB PAGE
Big picture

What to include on your page

  • Replace "Add a title" with your First and Last Name
  • Replace "Add a subtitle" with Gateway 2020
  • Click the plus sign to add a photo behind this title section. When you click the plus sign you will see your options for adding a photo: Upload, Find Free Photos, Adobe Stock. The other options are not as easily used.
  • Search for and select a photo that represents your essential question. Your best option for this picture is ADOBE STOCK. When searching for a picture, use less words. When you use multiple words, the search feature focuses on the last word entered.
For the next items, you will click on the + Plus sign to add sections:

  • Insert text, make it Heading 1 (H1), and list your essential question.
  • Insert text, use bullets to list your 3 bucket ideas.
  • Insert a split section and upload a screenshot of the first page of your Gateway paper. On the text side of the split section, insert a link to your paper from your Google Drive. MAKE SURE THE LINK IS SHARED TO "ANYONE WITH THE LINK" CAN VIEW.
  • Insert 3-5 pictures using the GALLERY option. The pictures can be of your research and any other pictures pertaining to your subject. Your best option for these pictures is ADOBE STOCK in the photos menu.
  • The final section should be Text and is your Gateway Reflection.

Gateway Reflection Questions

Retype each question in a text section on your page (H1 or H2). Retype ONLY the text that is in BOLD. Do not put the explanation in parentheses on your Adobe Spark Web Page.

Insert a text section with regular text to answer each question.

  1. What I did during the Gateway project: (explain your research process, writing your paper and completing your digital and non-digital products)
  2. What I enjoyed: (write about what you liked most about the Gateway project)
  3. What I found difficult during the Gateway project: (write about any part of the Gateway project you found hard to do)

  4. What really worked during the Gateway project: (write about any part of the project that you thought worked well)

  5. Next time: (write what you would do differently next time)

Two Examples of Adobe Spark Web Pages:

Tips for working in Adobe Spark

  • When you are working in a text section, if you hit return a new section will be created.
  • To delete a text section, you must click in the text and delete by using delete key.
  • To delete a split layout, click in the text section (not the plus + sign to add text) to see the "delete layout" button.
  • When making a screenshot of your Gateway paper, you may need to adjust the viewing size of your browser screen to get a full picture of your first page. You can do this by clicking on COMMAND and your MINUS - SIGN.