Recipe For A Perfect World

By:Steven Phan


I decided to make a great perfect world because I want my world to be happy have peace freedom and protection.



-1 world.

-5 hundred table spoons of people.

-1 million table spoons of freedom.

-5 hundred table spoons of tolerance and harmony.

-10 Litres of happiness and peace.

Steps And Methods:

Steps & Methods:

Step 1:Put 5 hundred table spoons of people and tolerance and harmony and 1 world together so people can live in peace.

Step 2:Put in 1 million table spoons of freedom so there will not be war and people will be safe.

Step 3:Put in 10 litres of happiness and peace so people will be kind and safe.

Step 4:Mix all the ingredients together and when it's mixed together eath will be the best planet.


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People want peace because people want the world to be a perfect world. We want to help poor kids to have a good life and a happy life. We need to make aure they have plenty of food and they have money and a family.