The Freshman Fundamental

News and Happenings on Team 2025

Quarter 1 Update

Your students have made it through their first quarter of high school! Guess what? They only have 15 more to go until graduation. Honestly, the next 4 years will go VERY quickly, and Team 2025 will be with you every step of the way.

This newsletter is full of information that will help guide you through the next phases of the school year. We had 2,444 views for our last newsletter, and I can't tell you how thankful we are when parents stay informed. We currently have 763 freshmen on our team, so reading your e-mails, listening to voicemails, and tracking newsletters are the best way to know what is happening at BHS.

As always, you are encouraged to keep a copy of the newsletter for future reference

Please CALL AHEAD if you need your teen picked-up during the school day.

New Team 2025 Member

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new Team 2025 Admin Assistant, Mrs. Adriana Patino. Mrs. Patino has been a great addition to the team and is getting the swing of things! Please make sure to reach out to her at 317-852-2258 x1601 or if you need to contact the Team Office or notify us about an absence or drop off/pick up for your student.

IMPORTANT Information Regarding Grading

For 2nd Quarter and beyond, teachers are going to begin using 0's to note missing work in PowerSchool. This will make it easier for parents to see work that needs to be turned in and also help teams track students.

If you see a 0 in the gradebook, the assignment will be marked as "missing" or "collected".

  • Missing means the work has not be submitted to the teacher.
  • Collected means the work has been submitted but is still in progress of being graded.

Don't Forget to Check PowerSchool Regularly and Reach out to Teachers with Concerns


Student report cards will be available for 2 weeks once posted. Please print them if you want to keep them for future reference.

Semester 1 Grades are....

40% Quarter 1 Grade

40% Quarter 2 Grade

20% Final Exam Grade

Semester 1 Grades ARE on the students' final transcripts


Parents - we are still experiencing daily challenges related to dress code. We understand that fashion styles do change over time, but we want to make sure that all students adhere to our dress code. Please review this with your child. This would include the wearing of hats or hoods while in the school building.

Empowering Students to Manage Challenges Independently

There are times when parents MUST step-in to help manage difficult situations as school. As freshmen begin their high school journey, it is important for them to learn to manage minor challenges independently. This is what builds self-efficacy and confidence. What does this mean for parents?

  • Encourage your teens to use their resources at school to problem-solve.
  • Instead of reaching out for assistance FOR your teens, tell your teens with whom THEY need to communicate for assistance. For example, "Have you spoken with your counselor?", "Did you tell your teacher?", "Have you checked Schoology for an answer?"
  • Many teens rely on their phones to reach out to their parents for help with challenges throughout the day. If you find this is happening, you may need to set boundaries by discussing when your teen should call you for help and when your teen should manage situations on their own.

Team 2025 Pathway Meetings

On September 23rd and 24th, Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Mehrtens met with students through English classes to review a variety of topics related to BHS and graduation. The topics discussed included:
  • Directions for checking student, school based e-mail accounts
  • Understanding Indiana Graduation Pathways
  • Various diploma requirements
  • Ways to stay informed
  • Transcript Review with example
  • Ways to reach your counselor for support

The PowerPoint is shared below for your information.

We have received several questions about "Bucket 2" Learn and Demonstrate Employability Skills. The slide below explains the student's responsibility for this requirement. They MUST complete ONE of the two options.
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Learn More Indiana Digital Publication

Each year, the department of education releases Learn More Magazines which are full of resources and support for students in various grade levels. The state is moving away from printed materials and is building up a digital presences to better serve students and families. Please see the digital magazine below and review it with your freshmen students.
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Team 2025 Contact Information

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