March Social and Emotional Learning Concept

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Mindful Month: March

Article Reflection

1. What helps you focus on the present moment? Calm.com is a great place to start! It’s free for teachers, if you register using this link: https://www.calm.com/schools

2. What does mindfulness look like in your classroom? If you need any support contact james.butler@austinisd.org to get more resources!

A Skeptics Guide to Meditation

What is Mindfulness?


Video Reflection

1. What do you notice about your thoughts when you pay attention to the present moment? How do you feel when you focus on the now?

2. "No one pays attention by simply being told to pay attention." What helps your students focus in on the present moment?

3. If you want more support and ideas around mindfulness, check out James Butler’s guided exercises you can try!

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