TCEA 2018 -

Innovate Learning, TRANSFORM The Future

Day 1 - So Much Share

After only one day at TCEA my brain is already on overload! But I put together this Smore of some of my favorite things I thought you guys might like!

My plan is to do a Smore each day with highlights...Hopefully my grey matter doesn't short circuit while I'm immersed in all of this awesomeness!

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Google Expeditions

If you haven't heard of Google Expeditions, then....well I don't know why you wouldn't have heard of them by now, but anyways....They are an awesome way to spice up your lessons and give you kids very cool experiences.

Here is info from the Google Support on what a Google Expedition is and what you need for one.

Here is the Google Expeditions Website

This Google Sheet contains ALL of the Google Expeditions available to you!

Infogram For Infographs!

Having students (our yourself) create infographs with information is an excellent teaching strategy, and Infogram is a company that offers a free basic account to let them (and you) do just that! From their website:

"Infogram is a data visualization company that helps people create charts, infographics, maps and reports. We show people how to communicate with data in a clear and engaging way. Launched in 2012, Infogram rapidly became the web’s favorite data visualization tool thanks to its simplicity, functionality and strong design aesthetic."

TES Global

I had never hear of this company before. TES Global pitches themselves as "a digital education company committed to supporting teaching and learning. Our mission is simply to help teachers, schools and universities succeed."

The cite that they have over 9 million world wide members. I joined their site and looked around at what they had to offer. You can find a lot of relevant education info as well as a market place to purchase and sale materials designed by teachers (like Teachers Pay Teachers). There is also a lesson building tool that I quickly looked at. As with any edtech resource you will probably find things you can use and things you can't!

H.S.I. Historical Scene Investigation

I literally LOVE this lesson idea! It is so cool! When you click the link below you will be taken to a Google Drive folder with resources to a lesson that Dr. Tammy Seneca. So basically these H.S.I. lessons are where you give kids a historical photo and they have to investigate using primary sources to decide (and prove to you) if the photo is real or a fake! This is a social studies lesson, but really the idea behind it can be modified to many subjects!

When Elvis Met Nixon H.S.I. Lesson

Lincoln's Pocket's Lesson

Another genius lesson idea from the same teacher mentioned above. (Actually I think she got this one off the TES Global website!) And again, even though this is social studies it could be modified!

The link below will take you to the Google Drive folder with resources. Pretty much kids are given a picture of what was in President Lincoln's pockets the day he was assassinated and they have to explain why he would have had those things on his person based on their knowledge of history and the man himself...LOVE this so much for the higher level thinking it would encourage!!!

Lincoln's Pockets Lesson

Book Snaps With Google Draw (Or Slides)

So...have you ever wanted students to comment on a passage or some information in a text? Probably so. The old way of doing this is of course running off the passage and having kids highlight the words and then write or draw beside them....Meh....

You can spice up this idea with Book Snaps!! Think Snapchat (which is where the idea generated from) for reflection! Since I'm not really keen on letting kids use their Snapchat accounts in class (yikes) this idea of using Google Draw to do them looks F....U....N!