The Secret life of Walter Mitty

David Scott

The author's text structure in the Secret life of Walter MItty defines Walter in many ways

FIrst, I know from the text that Walter Mitty gets annoyed very easily.

i know this because Walter got annoyed when the parking lot attendant backed up his car for him and Walter started to talk in his head. " They're so damn cocky, They think they know everything." Another reason why i know this is because when his wife was nagging him he talked back to her."Does it ever occur to you that I am sometimes thinking?"
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A second example from the text is that Walter is a little bit rebellious

I know this because his wife always nas him and sometimes he doest listen or doesnt want to. An example is that his wife told him to get overshoes but he responded with " i don't need overshoes." Another example is when his wife told him to get his gloves and put them on and so he put them on but when she left he took them off." Why dont you wear your gloves, have you lost your gloves? Walter Mitty reached in a pocket and brought out the gloves. He put them on, but after she had turned and gone into the building and he had driven on to a red light, He took them off again.

A third and final example that the authors text structure defines Walter Mitty is that Walter is imaginative.

I know that Walter is imaginative because he always has little daydreams of different things. Like when he drove past a hospital he went into a daydream that he was a very skilled surgeon and fixed a complex machine with a fountain pen. Another example is when a newsboy was yelling about a trial and he went into a daydream that he was on trial for murder and pandemonium broke loose in the court room
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That is how the Author's text strucutre from the story " The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" defines Walter Mitty as a character.