The "Unsinkable" ship

written by: Anna Ireland

what happened?

"You can have all the safety in the world and it's not going to help you if you hit a bomb," Dr. Robert Ballard once said, because no matter how much equipment you have, or how secure your ship is, there is no viable way that your ship will not sink! Of course we know that now, but in the year 1912, they had no idea...

I think that's one of the reasons why they didn't have enough lifeboats, which is an absurd decision. The Titanic, or "Unsinkable Ship" was supposed to have 48 life boats! So can you guess how many life they actually had? Sixteen!! With an additional four petite boats. This is just enough to hold about half of the people on the ship.

To add on to that, they didn't fill all of the boats as much as it could contain. All because they thought that the Titanic was "Unsinkable." If they would have just went the safe route,(as in giving the ship enough life boats) then almost everyone would survive.


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