Communication Chronicle 3-18-16


Staying in the Loop!

  1. Don't forget to complete the Aquatics Training online in Safe Schools.
  2. Spring recess starts next week! There is an early dismissal on March 24th and we are off on March 25th!
  3. If you haven't applied for Extended School Year (ESY) now is the time to do so!!!
  4. We are continuing efforts to enhance our Floriculture and Graphics Arts experiences. As such the spaces will be moving. These efforts will begin shortly! We will continue to refine our shops moving forward to enrich our programs.
  5. Check out the Burlington County Professional Developmental Institute under the ESU tab on our BCSSSD website. These workshops are a great resource and occur within our own school! Check out the site!

Quote of the Week

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Reminders from Last Week!

  1. The Daycare will accommodate students ages 2 1/2 through 6 years old during ESY.
  2. If you haven't already completed the Restraint and Time Out procedures on Safe School, then please go online and do so. This needs to be completed by all staff.
  3. The prom will be held at A Touch of Class in Delran on may 13th from 7-11pm. Cost is $40 per student/guest and $30 per parent/guardian. Tickets are available to purchase February 22-April 18th.
  4. All movies need to be Board Approved. Please refer to policy number 2510.1.
  5. Dynamic Learning Maps: Training will be held before the DLM testing needs to begin in April. More information to come!
  6. We are partnering with an organization "Jake's Place" to raise money to assist them with building playgrounds that are accessible to all individuals with special needs. We will be having a "Jean's Day" to support the cause and also, selling wristbands for $2. Please see your team leaders!
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March Birthdays!!

  • Patricia Barnes 3-16
  • Michelle Cann 3-20
  • Lori Cunnane 3-4
  • Barbara Dover 3-26
  • Katrina Flade 3-30
  • Kelly Fletcher 3-18
  • Larisa Gambale 3-22
  • Orlam Garcia 3-23
  • Georgia Hagan 3-15
  • Paul Hopkins 3-16
  • Jennifer Jack 3-4
  • Deborah Jackson 3-12
  • Madison Jones 3-21
  • Brenda Jordan 3-24
  • Renee Kiczek 3-4
  • Anne Liedtka 3-2
  • Karen Lightcap 3-7
  • Kelsey Llamas 3-7
  • Shelli Marquette 3-25
  • Gregory Mobley 3-17
  • Tracy Moyn 3-23
  • Patricia Niehaus 3-23
  • Bobbie Parker 3-26
  • Rebecca Polito 3-20
  • Margaret Russ 3-16
  • Helen Scherer 3-30
  • Kimberly Sclarow 3-31
  • Janice Strug 3-22
  • Denise Westphal 3-4
  • Sandra Wilcox 3-31
  • Vanessa Wilcox 3-30
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