Carl Bernstein and Nellie Bly

Jacee Lawrence & Carmen Montoya

Carl Berstien

Who: born in Washington on 14th February, 1944. Both his parents, Al and Sylvia Bernstein, were active trade unionist and members of the American communist party. As a result of the Red Scare they were both blacklisted and after the execution of Julius Rosenburg and Ethel Rosenburg, the family went into hiding as they feared this was the beginning of a wave of persecution of Jews.

What: Carl Bernstien working for The Washington Post did a report (with a cowriter) on the Watergate Scandal and their report lead to further investagations into the Watergate Scandal and evidentallly lead to Nixon resigning to avoid getting impeached.

Where:United States (Washington DC) 1970s

When: Between 1972 and 1976(watergate scandal)

Why: The reason Carl Bernstein doing this is important is because if it wasn't for him and him cowriter the Watergate Scandal could've been dressed down and possibly put aside. This is a positive for everyone in America because they deserve to know the truth and to know who is running theur country. For Nixon of course this would be a negative because it lead to further investagation

How: Carl Bernstein is a great example of Partisan Press and influenced i greatly through his report on the Watergate Scandal and also throuh many of his books about presidential elections and anyone in a higher power or playing a role in any higher power. Him infuencing this made Partisan Press more popular and now people are more interested and more "tuned in" to elections and etc.

Nellie Bly

Who :Shes A reporter for new york world magazine. She was born May 5, 1864

What: Nellie Bly went undercover in order to write a paper on the conditions medical patients were being treated on Blackwells Island. She posed as a mental patient to expose their treatments and when she finished, here story lead to an investagtaion of the asylum.

When: She was undercover at Blackwell Asylum from October 9 ,1887 -November 15 1887

Where: The newpaper she wrote for was in New York City.

Why: The reason Nellie Bly doing this is important is because Nleiie Bly put a great influence on Yellow Journlism. This can be a positive for newspapers or magazine companies which helps sell magazines but for the readers this can be a nagative because Yellow Journalism exagerates and doesnt focus much on facts.

How: This person changed American Journalism by influencing Yellow Journalism and since then we now have many, many common newspapers and magazines that use this technique.