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Principal Brief

February 1-5

As we continue to think about The Touchstones of Good Teaching by by Goodwin and Hubbell- one touchstone is how important it is to show students that we care. In this busy time of testing, data collection, parent conference, and stress of learning & implementing new and difficult content, this one touchstone can begin to dwindle. Getting to know your students does not have much impact if we do nothing with the information. Some strategies the authors give us is to:

  • Tune In
  • Listen
  • Invite feedback on your teaching
  • Personalize student feedback
  • Converse
  • develop a persona
  • reveal some of yourself to students
  • don't be overly serious
  • model enthusiasm for learning

For many of us, if we think back to our favorite teachers, we would most likely recall that our fondness for them probably has little to do with what they actually taught us. We might not even recall any particular lesson or class assignment. Instead, their most lasting impact on us is probably how they made us feel- valued, competent, curious, or excited about learning. That is good news for us, because it means that every day, they have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on students, often through the simplest of actions and gestures.

Upcoming Dates:

2/3- Wylie Way Follow Up Date (Grit lessons should be taught in S.S. class), 100th Day of School, Team Leader Meeting

2/4 Observations/PLC's with Teddi