Bush Weekly Notes

April 11 - 15

Notes for the Week

It's been a very busy week and thanks for all of you have done! Congrats to all our students that received the Hornet Pride Role Model Award! It's always amazing to hear about all of the wonderful things our students are doing to be safe, respectful and responsible in the classroom.


  • Leadership Team will be meeting at 7:15. Please bring your materials so we're ready to work.
  • MAP Training will be held at 3:30 in the library for those that were unable to make it on Wednesday.
  • Welcome back Chelsea!
  • Weather Drill will be held at 8:15.


  • Earthquake and Lockdown Drill be held at 1:00 p.m.
  • Staff Meeting will be held in the Computer Lab in order for us to complete the SABERS Survey. 1st Grade will quickly give an overview Discipline to consider for a book study next year.


  • Fire Drive at 10:00 a.m.
  • Tier 2 Meeting at 3:30 in Mrs. A's room.
  • BOE Meeting at 7:00 at the FHS Library


  • Limo Ride to Pizza Hut beginning at 11:00.
  • Title I Advisory Meeting from 1-4:00 in the Bush Library (Committee)
  • Brooklyn Pizza delivery for staff


  • Mid-terms go home

Central Office Notes

Please make sure you are putting your leave information in both SISFIN Portal and AESOP right away. Many are waiting until after the leave is completed before putting into SISFIn Portal.

Transportation Department

No further field trips will be approved because the calendar is full.

Professional Development Building Rep

We will need to vote on a rep during our staff meeting on Tuesday.

Summer Maintenance Items

If you have something that needs to be completed over summer, please let me know right away.


Heather Gastler has accepted a position in Columbia and will be leaving us. Haley Fecht has accepted a position in Mexico. Thanks for being a part of our building team and we will miss both of you! Interviews will be completed shortly.


Clarification information has been placed in your mailboxes (3-5). If you have additional questions, please see Chelsea or Heather. Please make sure your Chromebooks are ready to go and your class has completed the sample tests.