Jessica Kahal

Financial Planner

Jessica Kahal Is An Experienced Financial Planning Professional

Having more than 15 years of experience, Jessica Kahal is a trusted financial planning analyst in Spain. She has good knowledge of effective financial planning techniques, and has worked with a variety of client types. She can evaluate financial outlooks of different financial sectors in an efficient way. She has a number of satisfied residential as well as commercial customers countrywide. She does a complete analysis and study, and suggests the smart way for advantageous investment. Jessica has good understanding of taxes and investments, and has worked with a wide range of customers in education, real estate, retirement, etc. industries.

Jessica Kahal is a highly experienced financial planning professional who has worked with many companies. She deals in management of finances of individuals as well as companies. She has good understanding of what modern people needs are and how to please them by providing quality services. At present, she is working in a financial services firm in Madrid. At this firm, she is fulfilling all her responsibilities to the best of her abilities. She is a good natured professional who contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed. She is responsible for preparing financial reports by collecting, formatting, analyzing, and explaining information. Jessica has excellent financial planning and strategy, statistical analysis, reporting research results, database design, forecasting, analyzing information, and conceptual skills.

She was born and brought up in Madrid. Her father was a bank manager and mother was a school teacher. She was a brilliant student who always stood first in the class. After completing her studies in Spain, she joined an insurance company and worked there for two years. In addition, she has also been a part of various pension and mutual fund, bank and security firms in Spain. Jessica Kahal is a dedicated professional who carefully identifies patterns and develops predictions that are helpful for the clients looking for purchasing or selling investments and securities. She is a winner of the best financial planning professional award by a local magazine for two years.

She is a fitness enthusiast, and she loves taking part in watersports, football, hockey, volleyball, and golf. Jessica also learned martial arts techniques during her college days. She goes out for a walk with her dog every day. In addition, she also gives donations to welfare organizations in Spain. She is a member of two international child care associations.

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