[B] Boron

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Info about Boron

Boron is a metalloid. In a pure form, Boron is shiny and is a solid. It is slightly lighter than aluminum and is hard and brittle. It is barely reactive under normal conditions and is semi-conductive of electricity. If it is put under a high enough pressure, it can become a super-conductor, which means it would conduct electricity very well. Boron can be found in borates from borax and colemanite and as an acid in some volcanic spring waters. It can be used to treat arthritis and certain types of glass. Boron has 11 isotopes ranging from B7-B17. Some common compounds involving boron include: borates, boron oxide, diborane, and zinc borate.

Boron for sale!

Boron is a great element you should have in stock in your laboratory. It is very strong and hard and has a very interesting and shiny look to it. It is barely reactive under normal conditions and is a semi-conductor of electricity. Put it under high pressure conditions, and it will become a super-conductor of electricity! Boron is very useful for making Borax and many other substances that can prove quite handy. It can be implemented in mixtures to help treat arthritis! Get some Boron now!