Gold in the Blood Line

The Heidens: a Family of Olympians

It's in the Genes

Speed skating was a common passion inside the Heiden household. However, the Heidens were no normal family of athletes. Eric and Beth Heiden, the two children, wanted to do more than just skate. They wanted to be the best of the bests--and that meant making it to the Olympics.

Eric's Short Career Soars

Eric Heiden was born in 1958, in Madison, WI. His first encounters with high-level skating were at the World Championships. In his career, Heiden won 3 World Allaround Championships and 4 World Sprint Championships. Then, in 1980, Heiden competed in his first and only Olympics. Astonishingly, he took gold in all 5 events: 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 5000m, and 10000m. He's also the only skater to date to have won the Oscar Mathisen Trophy 4 times, from '77 to '80.
Gold Medal Moments: Eric Heiden Makes History

Beth Follows Suit

Beth Heiden wasn't left out of the fame and glory. She herself won bronze in the 1980 Winter Olympics, won gold in the World Allaround Championships and World Junior Allaround Championships in 1979, and has a total of 5 silver medals between all of her World Championships and Junior Championships.
1980 Olympic Women's 3000m Speed Skating