Spanish 2 U5 Semana 10 Día 2

El tiempo libre U5

Shout out to Alyssa and Makayla for having submitted U5 RLC. There are only 4 days left. Be sure and get ther!

Noticias: Don't forget to contact me each week. Even if you don't have a question, call, text, or bing me on BB IM and tell me where you are in the course. Also, be sure and check out the Peer Tutoring Center for help!

Lección: Imperfect or Preterite??? There are some words that give you a good idea. Practice with this program.

Need extra help? Want a free tutor? Don't foget to use the Peer Tutoring Center.

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Sra. Kilburn

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Fans of Sevilla by Jose Ramon CC