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HSEA works to connect teachers with teachers while advancing the profession of teaching.

September & October 2015......Fall Is Upon Us!

Words From Our President...

> Variety! In these columns, I often reference my past history and sometimes my childhood decades ago. It helps that I teach history to remember the past to share a story.
> Variety! I grew up with a small black and white television that sported three network channels plus the one local station for a total of four choices. Today, people access hundreds of channels via cable or watch Netflix in order to experience variety in television viewing.
> Variety! Back in the day, variety shows experienced popularity. Shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show or The Carol Burnett Show helped launch many artists who endured long periods of popularity. You saw singers, comics, and actors try to woo followers. Today, the variety show remains defunct and has been replaced by reality television shows such as Survivor or The Voice.
> Variety! How does this relate to HSEA? I love the variety I experience as HSEA President. I thought I would share some snippets with you.
> This past month I went to lunch at nine different schools with more on the horizon. In listening to teachers, I learned a variety of topics of concern to teachers with class size being a common denominator. I represented teachers in five different meetings last month, met with HSEA officers, and all Association Representatives in addition to a building meeting with one of the elementary schools.
> Variety! I attended two school board meetings, met with the Superintendent, met with multiple Assistant Superintendents multiple times and met with a couple of vendors about presentations for HSEA members.
> Variety! I met privately with two different teachers who had concerns for me to address in addition to attending the pre-discussion meeting with representatives from all of the district's schools.
> Variety! I also participated in a meeting with the PAC Chair for the referendum, Sneha Shah along with the Director of School and Community Relations, Bev Smith about how HSEA and teachers can help the referendum pass.
> Variety! Novelist Umberto Eco wrote, "The beauty of the universe consists not only of unity in variety, but also of variety in unity." Poet William Cowper stated, "Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor.
> Variety! So, as you reflect over the past month, I hope you have experienced some variety in your life. And, as far as variety in spices. . . I always choose cinnamon!


President - Janet Chandler

Executive Vice-President - Karin Foster

Vice-President Membership&Elections - Deb Jackson

Vice-President Politcal Action - Ben Yoder

Vice-President Communications&Public Relations - Leslie Brown

Treasurer - Mary Carson

Secretary - Terri Zabonik

HSEA Member(s) HIGHLIGHT......


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Why these ladies feel it's SO important to join HSEA......

“Join the union. Don’t look at the fees and never do this job without them. Join the union.” These were the words I heard even before I started my first year of teaching from my mother, a teacher of 32 1/2 years before her retirement. So, as a completely clueless new teacher and an obedient daughter (well, somewhat – there were those high school years! My brother’s laughing right now!), I signed up, never looked at the fees and became part of the union. At first, I didn’t really understand the importance. I didn’t really think about what the union was doing on my behalf and why I was in desperate need of “them”. (I didn’t really even know who “they” were those first few years!!) But, after taking the job in special education and being asked to be a union rep for my school back in Warren township, I started to understand the significance. I went to the meetings and started to understand who “they” were. I learned about the bargaining and the discussions “they” did for me – for my salary and benefits and SO many other things. I learned about all the ways “they” protected me and why I truly should never do this job without “them”. I learned about the schools that were struggling with their administrations, how to help, and how they needed “us”. (Wait….US?! When did I become part of the “them”?!) Fast forward a few years, with a new district and a few due processes later and I finally understood my mom’s adamant request to join the union. And, boy am I glad I listened and became part of the “them”. (Now, the aqua-net, permed years….yeah, I wish I would have listened then too….)

You see, “they” are my family. “They” are the people that I turn to for help and support, for encouragement and protection. “They” are fellow teachers and staff – the people fighting for me and with me – for the best education possible for all of my students. “They” are the people I can go and talk to and feel heard. “They” are my defenders and my biggest advocates. And, “they” help me be the best teacher that I possibly can be. So, why did I join the union? More important, after 15 years of teaching, why do I stay? Because And, momma didn’t raise no fool. I would never do this job without “them”.

- Allison Hillebrand, ED teacher, Harrison Parkway Elementary

Health and Insurance Updates.......

You better shop around......SHOP FOR YOUR HEALTH!

For those of you enrolled in our Anthem health insurance plan – please click on the link below to find out more information! You should have received information in the mail over the summer (it was not junk mail), in regards to SmartShopper! SmartShopper is a new program where you can earn CASH REWARDS (for certain procedures) when you help lower health care costs. CHECK IT OUT! It doesn't "hurt" you to sign-up....no purchase or use necessary, but it could reap some nice benefits!

YODER'S YAPS....Everything You Need To Know About Politics and Political Action!

Politics. Some teachers love them. Some teachers hate them. No matter how you feel about politics, though, they are a part of what you do at school each and every day. Our elected officials chart the policy for the millions of students in our country, and in turn they chart the course for what we as teachers do in our classrooms.

As your new Vice President of Political Action, it is my goal to give you the information you need to make informed decisions in the political arena having to do with your job as an educator. I want to keep you abreast of education bills that are moving through the Indiana State Legislature so that you can contact your legislator and let them know what you think. I want to provide you information pertaining to national educational policy, particularly when it affects your students and your job. I will also be in contact with you regarding our local school board elections and the upcoming Hamilton Southeastern Schools referendum, both of which are critically important to what we do every day.

The last piece of my job that I take very seriously is to keep you informed about ISTA and NEA positions regarding elections for political office. The wonderful thing about our association is that YOU, the members have a VOICE in these elections. We are a very powerful force for teachers and students both statewide and nationally, and I would encourage you to be in touch with me if there is every any information you'd like me to pass on to the Indiana Policial Action Committee for Education (I-PACE). Despite the fact that none of your dues dollars go towards this PAC, it is your right as a member of our organization to voice your opinion when it comes to educational policy. My door is always open if you ever have anything you'd like to discuss or pass on.

Since we are in a bit of a policial "dead zone" right now before things really get fired up, I'd encourage you to check out the follwing website as they can help familiarize you with what NEA and ISTA are watching politics-wise in education:



Thanks for teaching and for being a VOICE for your students and your profession. Remember: If we don't chart the course for education, someone else will!

-Ben Yoder

HSEA Vice President for Political Action

How much of your dues money goes to elect the President of the United States?

Answer--None. No dues money goes to elect the President. The Political Action Committee entitled, NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, only accepts voluntary contributions. NO dues money goes to elections!

Financial Health...Thinking About Your Future!

More Information To Follow On Sign-Ups!

October 14 --2 sessions

Westpoint Financial--Understanding Your Benefits
This session will deal with benefits you receive through bargaining and by state law.

This session would be a good review for everyone, but especially targets newer teachers to the system.

Presented by: Grant Soliven & Joe Van Deusen

*All sessions at Fishers High School Cafe A--Enter through FHS # 1 and walk straight to Cafe A.

45 minute sessions
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
4:15 PM- 5:00 PM

November 2--2 sessions
Gemmer Benefits---Investment Strategies, “Oh The Choices We Make, Learn Investment Basics For A Bright Future.”
This session will focus on maximizing investment strategies and is open to all teachers.

Presented by: Michael Zahm
*All sessions at Fishers High School Cafe A--Enter through FHS # 1 and walk straight to Cafe A.

45 minute sessions:
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

November 10 --2 sessions

Westpoint Financial--Retirement and Social Security
This session is geared to folks who plan to retire at sometime in their lives!

Presented by: Grant Soliven & Joe Van Deusen
* All sessions at Fishers High School Cafe A--Enter through FHS # 1 and walk straight to Cafe A. 45 minute sessions:
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Congratulations.....HSE Teachers!

The Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation recognized Spring 2015 grant recipients at the September 28 School Board Meeting. Congratulations to these HSE teachers! For more details on the projects selected or how to apply for funding visit www.hsefoundation.org .
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We will also be continuing to do the "member spotlight," so, if you'd like to nominate a member, or want to write something yourself, please let us know!

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Thanks For Making A Difference HSE, And Making It COUNT! Happy Fall!

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