The good, bad and the ugly.


Drugs are used by people around the world.

They can be good, bad and it can have ugly consequences.

First lets talk about good drugs.

Good Drugs

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Drugs can help people when they are sick or when they are in pain. For example, If you have insomnia and you are having trouble sleeping, your doctor might prescribe you an antihistamine to help you sleep. But if you take more than the amount that your doctor prescribed for you then it can be bad for your health, which may be bad for your health which leads us to the next topic.

Bad Drugs and the Consequences

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Although drugs can be good for you, some drugs or too much drugs could be bad for you. Some drugs like methamphetamine or cocaine can be bad for your health and possibly lethal. Even good drugs can be bad for you if you are not supposed to take it, or if you take to much of it.


After seeing how drugs can help you, harm you, and the consequences of abusing them, I hope you will be careful around drugs and only use them when a doctor or a professional tells you to.