It's Not Too Late!

Make that FIRST April Sale!!!

Friends and Family can Help!

Hey Ladies!

I know many of you are still working to get that April Sale on the books. Let Friends +Family help you!

With 25% off your ENTIRE boutique collection, F+F is a GREAT way to introduce your network to your goods and have them fall in LOVE. And....bonus: they keep coming back!

Below are some graphics you can use to post on your various social media platforms to grab the attention of your....well...Friends and Fam!! ;)

As always, I am here to help! So is our awesome Lemon Gwen if you are not already connected with us on FB, please do so by clicking

It's not too late, I promise. With a little elbow grease, you can walk away from this month with $500+ in sales, JUST BY REACHING OUT PERSONALLY TO YOUR PEOPLE! Don't let April end in a goose yourself that you are in it to win it and get ONE sale! Perspective? Who doesn't love a good pedicure? One $100 sale puts $25 in your pocket and your tooties can be Hot Pink and shiny by May 6th! Sound good? I believe in you and I know this is possible for you. #itsgotime

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