Fruit Flush Diet

Do or Don't?

The Fruit flush diet by Jay Robb

This diet is a 3-day diet that is created to flush your body and in just three days you can rid yourself of toxins and remove extra pounds. The first day you drink five protein drinks starting at 8 o'clock and then two hour intervals, and for dinner you have a small healthy meal. The second day you replace the protein drinks with fresh fruit, and for dinner you get a salad and a protein drink. This diet claims to break eating addictions and loose up to 9 pounds.

Satisfied user of this product voices how much she liked the Fruit Flush Diet.

"This cleanse really will lose 5-10 pounds for sure. You will feel so much better and healthier..its also really good for your skin. Its great when you want to get rid of all the bad food you've been eating in the last few weeks. Or a last minute result before a nice trip....very safe also. It maybe a little hard the first day but easy after that." -Patty

Flush Diet Menu

Day 1

8 am - Protein drink

10 am – Protein drink

12 pm – Protein drink

2 pm – Protein drink

4 pm – Protein drink

6 pm- 3 to 6 cups raw vegetable salad, 3-6 oz lean chicken and 1 tablespoon olive oil

Days 2 and 3

8 am – 2 cups cantaloupe

10 am – 2 cups strawberries

12 pm – 1 medium banana

2 pm – 2 medium apples

4 pm – 1 large mango

6 pm- 3 to 6 cups raw vegetable salad, ½ avocado and a protein drink

The Negatives

Since this diet restricts you to mostly only fresh fruit, salad, and protein drinks, you should not do any vigorous activity during the three days. Also, most of the weight you would loose would be from water weight, and most likely gain it back. The awkward eating schedule is also a hassle to have. You might not always be in a position to where it is okay to eat or drink at the times when you need to be. There are no major consequences from doing this diet.

Is this diet for me?

This diet does have some good qualities, it is an easy diet to start on because many people enjoy eating fruit. Going on this diet may motivate you to consider going on a longer term diet. I would recommend this diet to people because there are no major health risks, and it only lasts for three days. It is a good way to flush your body and get a clean start.