Iraq Invasion

By: Gavin Thornton

Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

The Iraq invasion was a controversial war that is still going on as I write this. The invasion started after September 11, 2001. Which was when terrorist flew 4 different passenger planes into the various U.S. places. We not only invaded them for revenge but, Our President at the time George W. Bush believed that Iraq's President Saddam Hussein housed weapons of mass destruction in the country. So president Bush launched a full scale offensive on the country to obliterate these people and weapons.
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Perspective 1

The news like; Fox or NBC, has never been the best source for war information. Because they are so biased towards things that are going on and they really underplay the bad news that's happening right now and they lack vital information that really described the war. It wasn't a pretty war to begin with a lot of young Americans died not even knowing what they were truly fighting for. President Bush described why we were fighting over there. Which was there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and they fought to retrieve them. Come to find out later on the Special forces teams didn't recover any weapons. Matter of fact there were no weapons to begin with. This caused a lot of anger towards President Bush. (
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Perspective 2

The media completely modified the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The goal was to seek out and retrieve, weapons of mass destruction held by the terrorists in Iraq but, there were no weapons found or obtained, there were even questions to the president if he was even aware of what was even happening over there. The media started to come out with sayings like, "Was the war even worth it" and they made references to Vietnam and how pointless it was for the U.S. troops to even be over there. People were angry at the president because a lot of young U.S. soldiers lost their lives fighting over in Iraq. (
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Media Bias

I understand why the media was as brutal as it was back then, it was an extremely stressful time. For not only those people who lost family members overseas and at home but, for everyone else who felt there country was being destroyed. But, the war wasn't for nothing the U.S. military went over with a primary purpose and did not succeed because it never existed but, they had a secondary purpose and that was to kill all members associated with the Taliban and they succeeded. by not only wiping out many many extremist but, they also, killed Iraq's terrible president Saddam Hussein.
Operation Iraqi Freedom War Footage

Criticism 1

Reader-Response criticism is definitely present in this case because, when the newspapers posted things about the Operation Iraqi Freedom being pointless and an act of aggression people forget that the U.S. succeeded with their mission. They killed the bad guy, the leader off the Taliban at the time, Saddam Hussein. And I think the media manipulated the TV and the newspapers, to make it seem like George W. Bush was some kind of aggressive President. (

Criticism 2

Sociological criticism is interpreted in this case because, when George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq in massive waves of Marines and Army soldiers the military budget was broken so bad that it caused the national debt to spike up. This is often compared to Barack Obama's ways on government spending and how it's only hurting future generations to come. (