The Masque of The Red Death

by Edgar Allan Poe


The Masque of The Red Death is about a rich prince who brings his friends to a mansion to protect themselves from Tuberculosis, or "The Red Death". Then he throws a party, but Tuberculosis arrives, and everyone dies.

Symbolism in The Masque of the Red Death

In The Masque of the Red Death, there are multiple examples of symbolism. The first is the rooms. The apartment rooms symbolize the seven stages of man. The next example is the clock. It symbolizes the guest's deaths looming.

Edgar's life

Edgar became an orphan at the young age of 3, when his mother died of Tuberculosis. His adoptive mother also doed of TB when he was in his late teens. After that, he went to live with his great aunt and cousin, Virginia. He married Virgina when she was 14, but many years later, she also dies of Tuberculosis.