The need to integrate technology and learning

What is SAMR?

A model designed to help educators integrate technology and learning.

Click here for an interactive SAMR Ladder.

SAMR in 120 Seconds
The SAMR Model Explained By Students

Science SAMR Example

Original Task: Creating a concept map demonstrating the properties of matter.

Language Arts SAMR Example

Original Task: Taking a writing piece through the writing process.

Math SAMR Example

Original Task: Solving a math problem using pencil and paper.

Tech Challenge

Using the SAMR lesson reflection organizer, consider how you currently use technology within your classroom to enhance student learning on a daily basis and within a project-based lesson. Use your teams to discuss your self-reflection tools and to gather ideas on how to further SAMR growth within your classroom. Complete and submit to Kate by Friday, December 18th.
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