Solutions to deforestation

Water Farming

This is a new way to save the rainforest. Recently, people living in rainforests are paying farmers and cattlemen to stop farming and plant trees. They call this proccess rain farming because the farmers are still earning wages while the resources that the natives need, aren't being chopped down. By water farming, you are saving the trees and helping to restore the water cycle, this will also help the wildlife.
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Other Options to Save The Rainforest

- Wind Farms: Another source of energy

- Solar power: Using the suns energy

By using an alternet energy source, you are reducing the amount of trees that are cut down. There for, the rainforest is being preserved.

- Clear cutting of forests must be banned

- Trees chopped for logging should be replaced

The government should be making laws about the amount of trees that can be logged, and the amount of land used for farming in the rainforest. We need to take action against global warmin, and cutting down on the amount of deforestation is a great way.