Miner Minutes

February 6, 2016

Faculty Meeting on TUESDAY

Just a reminder that we do have our monthly faculty meeting on Tuesday at 7:30am. Agenda items to include: technology logistics, revisiting our mission and vision as CMS. Light snacks will be provided as always! Also, the March, April, and May snacks are OPEN. If anyone is interested in helping with the food provisions, please let me know.

This Past Week

Thank you to our Encore teachers for their flexibility this past week! It's been more challenging for them to get in the swing of things as their classes have changed 2nd semester with the snow hiccups. Then this week, our first 5 day school week, 7th grade had their Discovery Place field trip and our honor roll ceremonies on Friday also took away their instructional time. This is never ideal, and we just need to take a moment to let Encore know how much we appreciate when this type of scheduling occurs. THANK YOU, Encore teachers, for your constant flexibility!!!!! We so appreciate the fun you provide for students!

Our newest member of the family!

Welcome to Amber Zimmer! She will be starting with us on Thursday, February 11. She will be teaching 7th grade math. She comes to us from teaching elementary school in Richfield, NC, and she was also a member of the US Air Force. Please take time to welcome her to our Miner Family!

CMS Teacher of the Year - complete by Friday

It is that time of year again for Teacher of the Year. Below is a link for you to nominate someone at the school that you believe represents Concord Middle School. This person is someone that goes above and beyond for their students and works to help the school in any facet they are able to. All criteria for consideration is on the google form. Mr. Lord will contact the individuals that have been nominated to see if they would like to continue with the process. We will hold final voting the week of February 15th.

Use form:


Next School Safety Module - CCS Requirement - due 2/22/16

Please use the directions below to get to the correct module:

1. Go to: http://cabarrus.nc.safeschools.com

2. Username: (use Time Keeper ID)

3. Password: first initial lastname (nlord)

4. Click on view more courses

5. Go to the Social Behavioral Section and choose Disruptive Student Behavior

Lockdowns - K9

As many of you know, we went into lockdown this week for a K9 search. This was a preventative measure in partnership with the Concord Police Department. It is a requirement to lockdown when this occurs because of the potential liability concerns if students were to interact with the K9s. It is ESSENTIAL that we follow the directions that no students nor teachers are permitted outside of the classroom when we go into lockdown. And if there are ever any situational questions, simply call the office to ask. Also, when we have K9s in the building, we will conduct 2 random classroom searches. It is always random, and we literally pull names out of a bowl. We search all student lockers and the PE locker rooms. We would like to have a K9 for a preventative search once every 9 weeks if possible, and we are working with the Police department on this, but we always want to be sure to keep you in the loop as much as possible so you understand the bigger picture. Please also know we are not permitted to share with staff the reasons for lockdowns when they occur. Just lock down. At anytime, if you have questions about this process, please see Officer Seagraves or an administrator.

Faculty/Student Basketball Game

· February 19th (We will follow a Fun Friday Schedule this day)

· Students can enter to play using minerbucks as their raffle tickets. (the more minerbucks they turn in, the more chances to play they have)

· Cost of student admission to the game is $2

· Students who do not pay to attend will remain in the classroom with one of the teachers on their team/pod.


Positive Principal Phone Calls

Thank you to those who have submitted names! The parents are LOVING hearing the GOOD THINGS about their kids! And kids really appreciate this, too! So please take a moment...


School Finance Reminders

- $$$ If you know your students have negative lunch accounts (charges), please do anything you can to help the students or the family know that there is a deficit. At the end of the year if there are negative charges, the school has to use OUR money to pay these charges, and this can be a huge kick in the butt. So PLEASE try to stay on top of this. If you want to know who has negative accounts, please see your grade level AP.

- $$$ The state of NC is now charging sales tax to schools for various items... our biggest hits will be concessions for athletics. Every "sale" we make we now have to pay sales tax. This will also be challenging in school fundraisers, band fundraisers, and chorus fundraisers. We will need to be cautious with future field trips as well. Ms. Culp is talking to folks about this as it comes up, but please know this will be quite a challenge moving forward in fundraising for school entities. Please be patient with us as we learn more about this process.

Various Reminders

- There are a few food leftovers from the honor roll receptions. These will be put out on MONDAY for staff. Come hungry!

- Please close your windows if it's a windy day. Facilities tells us that the window hinges are vulnerable and will break.

Capturing Kids' Hearts

A fun tip to share... if your students perform at a specific expectation in your class on a test or quiz, have them take a selfie with it, or just take a picture with it on their phones, and have them text it to their parents IN CLASS. Kids will be excited to perform better so they can do this!

Also, we may have another opportunity for a CKH training in RALEIGH on March 22-24. If you are interested in this, please send me a separate email by this Friday.

Benchmarks/Mock EOGs

February 24: Science mock NCFE

February 25: Social Studies mock NCFE

March 1: Benchmarks LA6, Math 7-8

March 2: LA 7-8, Math 6

Calendar Updates

February 8-12: Love the Bus Week

February 9: faculty meeting at 7:30am

February 12: Valentine’s Dance 4-6pm

February 15: regular school day (due to snow 1/22)

February 16: SIT meeting

February 19: Student/Faculty ball game (pep rally schedule)

Feb 19-21: PowerSchool maintenance weekend

February 23 at 730: Mentor/Mentee Meeting

February 23: SLT academic/behavior teams; grade level meetings; progress reports

Benchmarks/Mock EOGs: Feb, 24-25, Mar 1-2

March 1: SLT at 7:30am

Marth 8: Faculty meeting at 7:30am

March 8: Cabarrus Arts Council "I Have a Dream" Performance 2:45pm 8th grade

March 11: 6th grade field trip to Myrtle Beach

March 15: Originally a regular school day, but was changed to a teacher workday that is CAPPED. This day is taking place of the May teacher workday that was on the original CCS calendar.

March 22: Grade level meetings

March 24: Early dismissal

March 25: Teacher workday (uncapped)

March 28 - April 1: Spring break!

April 5: SLT at 7:30am

April 6-8: DC Field trip for 8th grade

April 8: Blackout dance

April 11: Report cards go home

April 12: Faculty meeting at 7:30am

April 12 at 6pm: Chorus Concert

April 14 at 7pm: CMS Chamber Music Concert

April 19-20: Feeder schools’ visit CMS

April 26: Grade level meetings

April 28-29: 7th grade field trip

Big 3 Goals for 15-16 School year

  1. Student learning
    1. PLC alignment
    2. powerful instructional strategies we haven’t tried before
  2. Capture the hearts of students and staff
  3. Structures for student success (MTSS, Behavior, Discipline procedures, Facilities, Communication internally and externally, CULTURE)
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