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CASP Conference 2018

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CASP 2017 Highlights

CASP 2017 Awards

CASP 2017 Session Winners

CASP 2017 Silent Raffle

CASP 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award


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CASP 2017-2018 Executive Board

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JCASP Summer 2018

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Greetings Texas!

On behalf of the TADE & TxCRLA Executive Board, We send you greetings filled with harvest. The mission of CASP is is to improve the theory and practice of developmental education at all levels of the education and provide professional development of developmental educators and literacy instruction.

Both TADE & TxCRLA are active and on the move. The College Academic Support Programs (CASP) Conference is an annual conference jointly sponsored by the Texas College Reading and Learning Association (TxCRLA), Texas Association for Developmental Education (TADE) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The 2018 CASP Conference will be on October 14-16, 2018 at the Hotel Paso Del Norte Marriott Autograph in El Paso, Texas. El Paso Community College is the site sponsor for CASP 2018, “Respecting Foundations.” I encourage you to mark your calendars for 2018 and join us in El Paso, Texas.

Upcoming and in the near future, I invite you to join us in Dallas, TX for our 3rd Annual McCabe Conference. Make plans now to join us July 13, 2018.

Membership in TADE & TxCRLA is always open, so join us by visiting We hope you will be a part of the celebrating and sharing of the great work being done by developmental educators all across the state of Texas and nation.

Warm regards,

Tammy Donaldson, Ph.D.

TADE President

Marti Miles-Rosenfield

TxCRLA President

Visit El Paso


This year’s theme is “Respecting Foundations: Renovation through Preservation” and is very fitting as the hotel is being completely renovated, much like Developmental Education is being renovated in Texas. As anyone with a basic understanding of renovations knows, the respect of foundations is critical to the success of a renovation.

A Marriott Venture

The beautifully restored hotel promises to be luxurious and accomodating to CASP 2018 Attendees! We are excited to get a look ahead!


SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSALS TO PRESENT AT CASP 2018. Did you present at NADE or TXCRLA? We invite you for a guaranteed session at CASP 2018. Our program conference chairs will be contacting you soon with an invitation to share your presentation at CASP in appreciation of your representation of our great state at the National Conferences!

Click HERE to submit a proposal!


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3rd Annual MCCABE CONFERENCE July 13, 2018 in DALLAS

The 3rd Annual McCabe Conference will be held on July 13th at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas. This one day conference will begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:20 p.m. Breakfast and lunch will be included. The cost is $100 and registration is open. The registration rate will increase on July 6th. The event is co-sponsored by NADE, TADE, CASP, the North Texas Community College Consortium, and the Dallas County Community College District. We hope to see you there!


Registration is $100.00. Please click HERE to register.


TADE has a new site! TADE is currently looking for you! Do you have experience building a website? TADE has a new temporary informational site to give updates and information about the state organization which is a branch of the National Association of Developmental Education. Recently, NADE voted to rebrand and rename themselves. This means that soon, TADE will be getting a new name. In the meantime, we will host our information on the googlesite and prepare to launch the website. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please contact us with your name and contact information.

Please click the link to take you to the site:

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Texas College Reading and Learning Association also has a new web presence which is currently under construction. Anyone interested in helping with this effort, please contact Marti Miles-Rosenfield at with your name and contact information. Remember, the site now is in development, so some of the links may not work.

Congratulations to our CASP 2017 AWARD WINNERS!

CASP 2017 Scholarship Winners

CASP 2017 Galveston Session Winners

Pre-Conference Winner

The pre-conference institute winner was “Put a Ring on It! – Student Engagement Strategies at the Active Learning Institute” with Emily Peebles, Amy Axtell, Michelle Wilson, Peter Sallay, Sue Kostohryz, Tanya Stanley, Betty Woodfill, John Gillespie, and Crystal Tewes (from San Jacinto College).

Concurrent Session Winner

The concurrent session winner was Tammi Rice with “Zombies in ALL the Preparatory Classrooms: A First Day Introduction Activity.”

CASP 2017 Silent Auction Raffle

The site team did a wonderful job of promoting the Silent Auction this year. Tina Willhoite and the team from San Jacinto raised $500 for SMART Family Literacy of Galveston Count Shout out to San Jacinto volunteers who also were responsible for some fabulous door prizes and silent auction items including four tickets to Schlitterbahn for the indoor season.

Lifetime Achievement Award CASP 2017

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Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at CASP 2017. She is an award winning college instructor and Developmental Education Specialist with experience developing curriculum, implementing Accelerated Learning, designing instruction, delivering professional development, and coordinating campus-wide assessment. State higher education leadership includes nine years on the executive board of the College Academic Support Programs (CASP) and former President of the Texas Association for Developmental Education and the Texas College Reading and Learning Association.


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Texas Educators Leading the Way

Texas Sends Leaders to Serve on CRLA and NADE Boards

Kathy Stein was elected President of College Reading & Learning Association & Denise Lujan is President-Elect of the National Association of Developmental Education. Both of these ladies are well-deserving of their roles and will make Texas Proud. Read their bios below:

Kathy Stein

Dr. Kathy K. Stein is the Executive Director of Student Success and an Associate Professor of English at Sul Ross State University (SRSU) in Alpine, Texas. She manages the university’s development education program and its Honors Program. She also supervises the advising center and the tutoring center. She came to SRSU from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) in 2008. As a Kellogg graduate, she became a Developmental Education Specialist in 2003. During her time at Kellogg, she was invited to run for Membership Chair for TxCRLA. She took on the role of TxCRLA Membership Chair from 2001-2007 and 2010-2018 as well as TxCRLA President-Elect, President, and Past President from 2007-2010. She has been the co-moderator of the College Academic Support Programs (CASP) listserv since 2011. She served as Exhibits Coordinator for CRLA for a number of years before becoming CRLA secretary in 2013. She will take her oath of office as CRLA President Elect at the 2018 CRLA conference in Albuquerque, NM, in November.

Denise Lujan

Currently the Director of Developmental Math at the University of Texas at El Paso, she has worked for UTEP for 16 years and has been the director of Developmental Math for 10 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree from West Texas A&M University in Math in 1988 and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2008 with a focus on Developmental Education. She has been very involved in TADE, the Texas Association of Developmental Education and was a board member from 2008 to 2014. She was the Co-Chair for the NADE 2014 national conference held in Dallas and served as the NADE Board Secretary from 2014 to 2016.

JCASP Coming Your Way Summer 2018!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Michael C. McConnell, JCASP will be bringing you another edition this summer. If you missed the first edition, please subscribe and get access to the inaugural JCASP journal. JCASP is a joint sponsorship with Russ Hodge's Team leading the way from Texas State University and TxCRLA, & TADE.

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TADE Executive Board

President- Tammy Donaldson, Ph.D. (Del Mar College)

President-Elect, Leticia Villarreal (Texas A & M Corpus)

Treasurer, Sonya Prince (San Jacinto College)

Secretary, Patricia Hernandez (Austin Community College)

Membership Chair, Melissa Jones (Texas A&M- Texarkana)

Past-President- Monica Stansberry (Dallas County Community College District)

2018-2019 Positions Open

Elected Positions


Membership Chair

Appointed Positions

Nominating Committee Chair

Scholarship Committee Chair

*If you are interested in serving on the board or know someone who is, please nominate him/her. Please send an email to and include a short bio which includes position sought, a photo, and a short bio. Nominations start now and will remain open until May 2nd. The election will run May 8th-May 15th.

TxCRLA Executive Board

President- Marti Miles-Rosenfield (Collin College)

President-Elect, Wes Wellborn, Ph.D. (Temple College)

Treasurer, Denise Guckert (Texas State University)

Secretary, Rajone Lyman (HCC)

Membership Chair, Kathy Stein, Ph.D. (Sul Ross University)

Past-President- Pam Sawyer, Ph.D. (Collin College)

2018-2019 Positions Open



*If you are interested in serving on the board of the Texas College Reading and Learning Association or know someone who is, please nominate him/her. Please send an email to txcrla@gmail and include a short bio which includes position sought, a photo, and a short bio. Nominations start now and will remain open until May 2nd. The election will run May 8th-May 15th. Watch your inbox for the ballot.



On behalf of the Texas Association for Developmental Education, its board and membership, we are pleased to offer these scholarships for 2018-2019. Application forms and additional information can be found at

Texas Association for Developmental Education Exemplary Developmental Education Program Award

  • The Texas Association for Developmental Education, TADE, offers an annual recognition for outstanding Texas developmental education programs. The Exemplary Developmental Education Program Award consists of a plaque for your institution of higher education as well as a $500 award to be used by your program to benefit your campus developmental education however it sees fit. Recognition will be given at the CASP Conference in Corpus Christi.

Texas Association for Developmental Education Dr. Carol Dochen Professional Development Scholarship

  • TADE awards one or more $500 scholarships each year for professional development. Recipients must be a TADE member in good standing and members may only win one award per year. Awards must be used for professional development within one year. Professional development may include a project or research not funded at the applicant's institution or for professional travel or conference attendance not funded or fully funded at the applicant's institution. This award may not count toward degree research.

Texas Association for Developmental Education - TADE Scholarship Awards

  • TADE Scholarship Awards are available to members who are currently working or researching in the fields of developmental education and/or learning support. You may apply for one or more scholarships, but only one scholarship will be awarded to an individual per year. Awards will be announced at the CASP Conference in Corpus Christi.

Please email your application to TADE President Dr. Tammy Donaldson ( On the subject line of your e-mail, write “TADE Award Application.” You can also use the link to the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION.