Join Me in January

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New Year's Eve for me is no longer about drinking champagne, eating lobster and staying up until midnight. For the last decade, my husband and I have used the night to reflect on our lives, what we accomplished in the past year, what area of our lives could use some improvement and start building a plan to enact those changes.

Last year I made two "resolutions." The first was to step outside my comfort zone. I felt I had become complacent and incredibly comfortable in almost every area of my life. I wanted to use the"discomfort" as a way to grow personally and professionally. The second was to clean up my act - literally. I vowed to remove toxic chemicals from my home. I had been conscious of the foods going into my body, buying organic and fresh foods whenever possible, but hadn't been paying attention to what I was putting ON my body or what I used to clean my home. I became familiar with the Environmental Working Group and I downloaded their Skin Deep app to my phone and began the process of slowly replacing every personal care product and cleaning solutions with something non-toxic and beautiful.

After thinking about my commitment to step outside my comfort zone and clean up my act, I realized Beautycounter was the perfect fit for me. I felt Beautycounter would allow me to achieve both of my personal goals for the year. I joined Beautycounter as an educator on January 20, 2015.

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It's been an amazing year. Not only have a made my home a safer place, free from toxins, but I've met amazing and inspiring men and women. I've helped educate others and set them on a path of clean, healthy beauty and a healthy body and and added bonus, I'm getting compliments of my skin and hair all the time. :-)

I'm grateful for each and everyone of you! You've all been part of this process and I'm looking forward to continuing to educate friends and family. We shouldn't have to compromise our health in the name of beauty.

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Join Me

Are you ready to make a change? Do you want to help others make change? Are YOU ready to step outside YOUR comfort zone. Join me. I'm looking for two new team members. There are some pretty amazing incentives $$$ for joining me this month.

If you are even the least bit curious, please talk to me and check out the sign up link here.


If you haven't tried any Beautycounter products and are curious, please let me know what you are interested in trying/seeing. I'm happy to meet you if you are local or send you samples if you are not.