For sale solar energy

By: Reese&Kaylee

The advantages of the sun is free right now!!

.This renewable source can be converted into heat and electricity!

.Solar energy has minimum impact on the environment.

.It will never run out, or it can be replaced!

.The systems do not produce air pollution or carbon dioxide.

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How is this natural resource formed and how is it used?

It is formed from the Suns rays that reaches the solar radiation that can be converted into heat and electricity which can power our homes and other appliances.

It can be used for heat,electricity,and light.

The sun can be found most adundantly around the world and on the surface of earth.πŸ˜€

Sadly there are disadvantages.:(

.The amount of sunlight varies.

.Places are required to collect the at an useful rate.

.If not enough energy there can be not a lot of heat and electricity

.If the sun would get too hot it could be harmful.