Excel Extra

September 15, 2015

Off to a great start!

Our first few days of Excel class were a success. Each class of GT students was escorted to the honorable Excel classroom by Mrs. BarronSan (Mrs. Barron dressed Japanese). My special message to the students was written on the board in plexar format (word puzzle), which each class had to solve. By the way, that's the last picture you will see of me. I'll be sharing pictures of my amazing students in action from this point on.

Can't forget First Grade!

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First Grade - Red: A Crayon's Story

After the book was read, we discussed these words: strengths, needs, goals. Students were asked to give examples of their own strengths, needs, and goals, and then draw them on a giant paper crayon. Such insight at a young age!

Getting to Know You...

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Fourth grade begins preparing for the Cardboard Challenge (Caine's Arcade), while third grade travels the world on an Ancestor Adventure. Second grade gifted students look at their "gifts", while first grade detectives search for clues.


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