SPRING Incentive for Lauren's TEAM!

Let's DO THIS!

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Welcome to Spring!

This is our best selling season of the year, of course second to holiday. I know that it seems difficult sometimes to get your biz back up and running after the holidays so I would like to add a little fun to help get you inspired;)

What is so exciting about this team is that it has grown so quickly. In the last year this team has grown so much not only in numbers but skill level and experience. As your Senior Director, I couldn't be more proud or more excited of what is to come from YOU! I thought it would be fun to do a team incentive just for Lauren's Team this season so that we can all work together to get our business jumpstarted for the fun Spring selling season. Who's in???

I know there is a lot to learn your first year or so in this business, so I just want to remind you that you have many resources to help you. Lauren, as your STAR leader, myself as her upline and our Diamond Director located in S.F. Lindsay Walsh. I have been a Stylist for almost 6 years and have really enjoyed this job the whole time:) I'm happy to talk with you about why you started this business, what your goals are and how you can reach those goals!

The biggest thing I have learned about being successful with this business is keeping it consistent!!! Yes, some months I choose to be a little more relaxed than others due to family, vacations and other priorities in my life but for the most part I strive for consistency month after month. It is much easier to maintain and sustain a healthy business when you do this. As a team leader I work to sell at least $2300/month because if I don't, I don't earn the full team commission, which after almost 6 years has grown dramatically for me and can for you too! :)

What is your WHY? Did you start this business for financial independence? Travel $$$? To have a great jewelry collection for FREE? I started this to work while I had two little ones at home. We needed the money and I was trying to work while spending as much time as I could with the kids while earning solid $/hour. I have paid off thousands in credit card debt, money we owed in taxes, and now putting money toward a downpayment for a house. We would not be in the position to buy a home if it wasn't for this job. SO....again, what is your why?

Once you know that that is, we can plan your goals. I firmly believe that to keep this as a profitable business, even just for fun (which most of our stylists are doing) a good plan is to at least sell $2,000/quarter. So booking 1 show/month or 2-3/quarter you can earn approx $500-750 in commission and also your $99 coupon for $500 in free product! So that would be approx $400-$600 in cash and $500 in product each quarter!
With bigger goals comes bigger commission, especially if you are growing a team! Star Stylist is truly the sweet spot in our company with an average of working 5-10 hours/week and earning your sales commission of $500-$1000 along with another $500 or more in team commission per month working 20-40 hours/month....not bad! (Averages about $50/hour)

So, think about your goal, reach out and share with your upline, a friend in the biz (pacing partner…do you have one to hold you accountable?) or myself....let's get you where you want to be!!!

Now for the FUN PART!!!

A little MARCH MADNESS!!! There is still time to book for March. Reach out and share the great images for Summer Sneak Peak Collection! Ask if you can offer a Stylist session for a group of 5-10 ladies to help them update their Spring/Summer wardrobe. Offer next weekend, if not, push to the following...people know what they are doing this week and next....it's much easier to book this way vs. weeks in advance when people don't know what is happening in their lives. If you need some words to say, let us help!

1) For each trunk show booked starting NOW that takes place in March you will be entered to win the new jewelry roll from the Summer Collection!!!

2) If you sell $1000 or more in March, you will earn a cute new "anchor" bangle that is launching with the Summer Collection.

3) Here's where the consistency comes in;) Sell $1000 or more for the next four months (March, April, May & June) and be entered to win $200 in product credit for the Fall Collection which launches in July from Lauren and I. Exciting!

Who's IN?!

I would love to hear what you have cooking for March and the rest of the season and I hope that if you are local in the Bay Area that you are all signed up for our Summer Rally with Rachel Suter, our Home Office Style Director.

Register TODAY!


Please let Lauren or myself know if you need anything at all. I'm so excited to work with all of you! Feel free to reach out any time via text/call or email:

Lori Tahsler
Senior Director, RED HAUTE RUBIES

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