All About Me

By: Pauly O'Neill

Science Rocks!

Science is the best subject ever and the reason for this is you never know everything! My favorite thing about science is Outer Space. I like this because its so different than earth and just so cool to learn about. I started liking science in 2nd grade because my teacher showed us a solar system video and after that i just always liked it.

Breast Cancer Supporter

I am a huge breast cancer supporter. The reason for this is because my grandmother died of it. I miss her very much. I always donate to the breast cancer charities. And i always think of all the people suffering and i get sad.

My Favorite Game

I Love I-Phone

I love the I-Phone. The reason for this is because its really fast. Also it has a lot of memory for a phone. I love how big its screen is it makes it so easy to see what you are doing. The only downside is its all glass so it cracks easily but luckily mine hasn't.