Great Google Stuff . . .

things I learned at the Midwest Google Summit this week

Cool New Tools and Tricks - Some Google Some Not

While much of the content I saw and heard at the #MWGS this week were not new, I appreciated learning about a couple of new tools such as smore (the tool used to create this poster) and Google's Professional Story Builder, which allows you to "collaborate" with writer's such as Poe, Shakespeare, Dickenson, etc. I also learned some tips to work more efficiently in Google Drive, Calendar, etc.

Other Cool Tools

New Youtube Info

Youtube tips:

  1. Right click on Youtube video and click Pop Out to just see video without the junk.
  2. Add t-number at the end of a YouTube address to send out a video that starts at a certain point
  3. YouTube has you can post videos w/copyrighted music but then you give YouTube permission to post adds on your vid.