Star Girl

a great book

Star Girl

Star girl is a great girl that loves to be her self.She is cheerful,happy,and outgoing. Star girl loves to try to make new friends.but is not easy in Mika high. When stargirl came in town, everyone was in for a ride.

her pets

Star girl has a pet rat named cinnamon. Cinnamon is star girls best friend.He is always there for her, even when the going gets tough. he is a great friend to have.

going to school

Star girl goes to a school called Mica high. Mica highs students act all the same gut star girl changed all of that when she came. she was her self and it was diffrent. she changed the school forever.


it was hard to make friends for star girl. everyone thought she was weird.but she had a friend, Leo. soon they became a couple. they had fun and loved to go to places

she left her mark on the town

star girl vanished one day, but she left her mark on the town. everyone was wondering were she went. they are still wondering to this day. Leo is trying to track her down to say sorry for being a gerk. she is a big piece in the towns history.

The End