Tree Fall Law Services

Did your neighbors tree fall into your yard?!

Who are you, who are they

You are the Plaintiff, the people holding the charges.

They are the defendant, they let there tree fall in your yard.

We also can help if you slipped in the store!

Serve your Friend

They may have been your friend before but here comes the fun part. You now have a lawyer. We will summon them to court.

Want a trial?

The trial is the place we can either loose terribly or get the big bucks!


If you don't want trial mediation is also another option. They will help you get your sense back and tell you a tree falling in your yard is really no big deal but you will argue until you reach the middle.

There's also our arbitration services but we suggest court!

Preponderance of Evidence

You might get luck and get a settlement due to a preponderance of evidence. Too much favoring on your side. ;)

Pretrial Conference

This is where wee meet with the judge and get a better understanding of of the cases. He will also look at me with a face of mere regret. Then asking who has a lawsuit for a fallen tree?

Our Pleading

We will then plead in court for the judge or jury to agree with us. Most likely with emotional appeal. After all our complaint is a tree fell in your yard!

100% Verdicts

We will most likely fail in our lawsuit. If there is no damage other than a tree falling in your yard then all the court will expect is your neighbor to clean it up.

You can appeal. Hire us again and we will try again with an even more professional court.