Fable Story

By: Marin A. Schwarz

The Man and the Woman

Once, long ago, there was a king who chose two different people, a woman and a man, and told them, when night falls, do not stray from the garden gate or they would live in eternal darkness forever. The man ignored the king’s wise words and wandered off into the woods, away from the gate. But the woman, stayed near the gate. As the sun was setting and darkness was approaching quickly, the man realized he had made a mistake and started running toward the gate. He ran as fast as he could but the gates closed the moment he had arrived.

The man, who was ignorant and foolish, lived in darkness for the rest of his life, scavenging for food and water, never to see the sun again. But the woman, lived peacefully in the garden protected by the garden gates.


Don't ignore wise advice