Be the Boss of the Free World

The President of The United States of America

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Are you Qualified?

  • 35 Years Old

  • Native Born Citizen

  • Live in US for 14 years

What can you do as President?

l. Be commander in chief of the Army and Navy when called into service. (Executive)

2. Require the opinion of the principal officer in each executive department. (Judicial)

3. Have the power to grant reprieves and pardons. (Executive)

4. Make treaties. (Diplomatic)

5. Nominate and appoint ambassadors, judges of the Supreme Court and all other officers of the United States. (Judicial)

6. Fill up all vacancies during the recess of the Senate. (Diplomatic)

7. Give to Congress information of the state of the union. (Diplomatic)

8. Recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. (Judicial)

9. On extraordinary occasions convene both Houses, or either of them. (Diplomatic)

10. Receive ambassadors and other public ministries (Diplomatic)


Running the military is the biggest most important job. This is the control of the safety of the country.

Leadership Qualities!

Top 5 Must Have Qualities!

Compassion: The President must be someone who cares about the country with emotion. They must want what is best and have feeling for the country they are serving!

Intellect: The President must be someone who is educated and has a well-formed worldview. The President must be able to handle all types of situations and this boils down to their intelligence.

Humility: The President must be someone who puts others above themselves. They do not put themselves about other people, rather, they try to help all people.

Faith: The President must believe in what it means to be a part of America. They must believe and have faith that we will get through and struggle and have faith that the American people can accomplish anything.

Commitment: The President can not have any vacation days or breaks. They must be willing to give over their whole being and commit for their term, to be the best President they can be.

Roles of the President

What Would You Do If You Were President?

Here is what I would do!

One of the biggest issues that have been a shadow over our country is our national debt. The nation debt is growing bigger and bigger every year. One of my biggest goals would be to tackle and help lower this gigantic number. The biggest tool for getting the deficit down


specifically taxes on marijuana. There are business owners all over the world who would make millions of dollars on the sale of marijuana. I would implement a legalization plan that has an increased taxation that goes to helping fix our debt. This would go


effect across the country and the government would have the funds it needed to help get us back on track financially.

This would be done by first of all using my judicial powers to bring the issue up and to the front of congress. Secondly, I would use my intellect to figure out how the tax will save us financially. Thirdly, I would be the civilian i am to give back to the civilians by listening to their ideas and concerns and making it a tax they can stand behind.