By: Jonathan E

What is depression?

Depression is a strong mood of sadness, discouragement, despair, or hopelessness that lasts for days, months, or even years.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Sleeping all the time
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Feeling tired all the time, but can't sleep
  • Feeling sad all the time

Why does depression occur?

There is no single cause for depression. Many things play a role, including inherited traits from family members who may have had depression, or living in a difficult family or social environment. Depression can happen in reaction to difficult or stressful life events.

How does depression affect someone?

Depression affects more than a person's mood. It drains the energy, motivation, and concentration a person needs for normal activities. It interferes with the ability to notice or enjoy the good thing in life.

How is depression diagnosed?

Depression is diagnosed by a doctor who checks for any health conditions that may be causing symptoms of depression. Most people don't realize that they are depressed. Some people might mistakenly think of themselves as a failure, a bad student,a a quitter, a slacker, a loser, or a bad person.

How is depression treated?

Many people find that it helps to open up to your parents or other adults they trust. Simply saying something can be a good way to begin the discussion. If you think you might be depressed, ask your parents to arrange an appointment with a therapist. Friends and people who care about you can support you by listening and talking to you, keep you company, and give you complements. Some simple things have a powerful effect on mood. They include:

  • Daily exercise
  • Eating healthy
  • Getting the right amount of sleep

Interesting notes or facts about depression

Depression can last for weeks, months, years, or in some cases, even longer.