NEWSLETTER 7 September 2022

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Kia ora koutou

The weeks are flying by...

Teachers are writing end of term reports, these being distributed on Monday 19th September followed by Home School Partnership Meetings on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September.

This will be the last written report you will receive, home school partnership meetings will occur in Term 4 only.

End of term assessments followed by Overall Term Judgements have or are being completed, these giving direction to Term 4 student expectations.

Please review the newsletter link below - planning is in hand for a smooth transition to the High School site in Term 4.

Planning is now complete for our Student Celebration Week beginning Monday September 19th- students will have brought home a flyer sharing their exciting planned activities. A disco is included on Thursday 22nd at 7pm which is a much anticipated event. There is no cost for any event over this week, we are sure students will enjoy it.

At the years end we will continue to have events -

Combined Whanau "Big Day Out", December 8th

Combined Year 7 & 8 Student Formal - December 13th

Service Assembly - December 14th

Prizegiving Assembly and School Closure - December 15th.

Our students last day on site is Friday 23rd September. As such this marks our formal closure of Hawera Intermediate. An open invitation is extended to all as we farewell our buildings and site, sing waiata and hear from those who have been before us along with current personnel. We do hope you can join us.

Ensure you have marked in your diary our "Celebration Cabaret Closure Event " held at the Memorial Theatre on Saturday 22nd October. Put on your dancing shoes, organise a group (age 18+), enjoy the music and share memories of your time at Intermediate. Tickets are available from the school office at $25, a bar is open for purchase of refreshments, supper provided.

Let's have a blast as we celebrate the End of an Era!

Nga mihi nui


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On Friday 2nd September our small 'Mounga' group head up the mountain to check our predator traps. Most of them had caught something. After we had disposed of the dead pests (mostly rats) we reset them , which proved to be a tedious job. To reset the traps we had to use a rope and thread it through the trap handle and gently pull it until the rope mechanism attached to a catcher next to the pressure plate. Once we had set it we had to carefully remove the rope so nothing other than the pest could trigger it off.

Next we went to check on the water clarity of a nearby stream. We put some water in a long clear tube which Matua Tane then placed two strong magnets, one on the inside and one on the outside. As the water cleared we poured it into a bucket and were able to see all the bugs and germs, and boy there was a lot.

After that we came back to school, we were all talking about our day, we were so happy. I hope we get to do that again!

Archie - Room 5

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A Community Service

Last week Gypsy, Bella and I were out walking when we noticed an old man walking down the street, we also saw a lady looking around like she was searching for someone. We initially didn't think anything of it but then wondered if the lady was looking for the old man so we went back and asked. It turned out that she was looking for him and asked us to go and get him.

By the time we had run back to him he was nearly two streets away. We were able to redirect him back toward his house but then he stopped. We were close enough to hear the lady tell us to hold his hand and make him walk faster, so we held his hand and walked him to his house.

The lady thanked us and took him inside. She also told us his name was Noel and if we hadn't helped find him she would have had to ring the police.

Lucy - Room 5

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Two classes from Ohawe whanau enjoyed a visit to Lake Rotokare yesterday as part of this term's Science Inquiry. Rooms 2 and 7 students explored and learned how to identify different native plants, ferns, and animals as well as seeing a range of taxidermied pests.
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A huge thank you to whanau who have contributed Camp Fees over the week. Please deposit directly into our School Bank Account, including your name or student's name in the Reference. Our account number is 15 3950 0412889 00

Automatic Payments can be set up if required - please talk with Dizzy at the office.

We would appreciate payment by Friday 16th September.

Camp Week will soon be upon us - Tuesday 27th-30th September....In preparation for the same we have included Camp Gear lists for each "away" camp

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■ Sleeping bag /Blankets Pillow

■ x3 towels

■ Swimming togs

■ Raincoat / Warm jacket - no umbrellas

■ Torch

■ Sunblock & Sunhat

■ Sandshoes - casual

■ Closed in sneakers - MUST for activities

■ Jandals or scuffs/slides

■ PJs

■ Underwear - for 4 days +

■ Socks x 4+

■ Singlets

■ Shorts x3

■ Pants x3 -

■ T-shirts x4

■ Hoodie / Jersey x 3

■ Toiletries - soap/gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hair ties, etc

■ Plastic bags x 2 for wet/dirty clothing.

(Please ensure ­all clothing is named. We will not be held responsible for unnamed items that go missing).

■ Playing cards - optional

■ Morning Tea for Tuesday. (Lunch in Schools will be provided by the school)

■ Drink bottle MUST HAVE!!! - Water only

■ ice-cream container of home baking or a bag of fruit/pack of biscuits for shared snacks / break meals - put in boxes when arriving. Please don’t send containers needing to be returned.

Medication: To be handed to the camp leader - Des Bain in a named / sealed container / bag on the day

Please do NOT bring:

■ Cell phones / iPads etc (school devices will be available for photos)

■ Money

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  • Clothing for three days including a warm jersey (underwear, shorts/trousers, tops, socks)

  • Swimming togs

  • PJs

  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo)

  • Sun hat

  • Towels x3

  • Pillow

  • Sheet

  • Sleeping bag/blanket

  • Sensible walking shoes (sneakers)

  • Home baking for morning tea, afternoon tea and supper

  • A packet of Marshmallows

  • Drink bottle

  • Plastic Bags for wet or Dirty Clothing

  • Any medication required (to be handed to Whaea Lania in a named bag please with instructions)


  • Torch, Insect repellent, Sunblock (Named)

No electronic devices, lollies or money please

All items to be named

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  • Sleeping bag / Pillow

  • x3 towels

  • Swimming togs

  • Raincoat / Warm jacket - no umbrellas

  • Torch

  • Sunblock & Sunhat

  • Sandshoes - casual

  • Gumboots - if you have them

  • Closed in sneakers - MUST for activities

  • Jandals or scuffs/slides

  • PJ’s

  • Underwear - for 4 days +

  • Socks x 4+

  • Singlets

  • Shorts x3

  • Pants x2

  • T-shirts x4

  • Hoodie / Jersey x 2

  • Toiletries - soap/gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hair ties, sunscreen, insect repellent

  • Glasses / Contacts

  • Plastic bags x 2 for wet/dirty clothing. (Please ensure ­all clothing is named. We will not be held responsible for unnamed items that go missing).

  • Playing cards - optional

  • Morning Tea. (Lunch in Schools will be provided by the school)

  • Drink bottle MUST HAVE!!! - Water only

  • MASK

  • One item of food / ice-cream container of home baking / bag of fruit / pack of biscuits for shared snacks / break meals - put in boxes when arriving at the bus. Please don’t send containers needing to be returned. Items to be put in crates before hopping on the bus.


to be handed to the medicine leader - Kathryn Moss (Room 1) in a named / sealed container / bag in Week 9 of Term 3 (the week before camp).

Please do NOT bring:

  • Cell-phones / I-pads etc

  • Junk food

  • Money

  • Pets


MONDAY 19th September


School Staffroom

We look forward to meeting with you then.

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Creative Cultural Badge

Isabella Ogle created this outfit for her bear as part of her Scotland cultural badge with help from her Mum. She used a pair of culottes as the tartan so it represented our school. Well done Isabella, careful thought put in and a lot of time and energy!
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  • Friday 9 September - Whanau Speech Finals
  • Friday 16 September - School Speech Finals
  • Monday 19 September - Celebration Week
  • Mondays 19 September - School Reports go home
  • Tuesday 20 September - Home School Partnership Meetings
  • Wednesday 21 September - Home School Partnership Meetings
  • Thursday 22 September - School Disco, 7pm Community Centre
  • Monday 26 September - Teacher only Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
  • 27 - 30 September - School Camps
  • Friday 30 September - Term 3 Ends

  • Monday 17 October - Term 4 Begins Now based at HHS site
  • Monday 24 October - Labour Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Sunday 6 November - Lions Speech Makers Competition
  • Tuesday 6 December - Home School Partnership Meetings
  • Wednesday 7 December - Home School Partnership Meetings
  • Thursday 8 December - Big Day Out
  • Tuesday 13 December - Year 7 & 8 Student Formal
  • Wednesday 14 December - Service Assembly
  • Thursday 15 December - Formal Assembly, Term 4 Ends for students
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community notices

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Normanby Athletics Club 2022-2023 Season

First Registration Night & Coaching:

Monday 10th October 5.45pm.

Normanby Domain

Club night is Monday nights

Registrations for all ages. New and previous members welcome.

Contacts Karen Brooks 278 3374 or Steve Gray 272 8445

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Newsletter 2 September 2022

Kia ora e te Whānau

This week I have had the pleasure of being in Whangārei coaching the Hāwera High School mixed hockey team. After nearly two terms out of the school it was great to reconnect with some of our students for an extended length of time. It reminded me how exciting Term 4 is going to be each Friday as the team at Te Paepae o Aotea work alongside the Year 7-10 students.

We are really thrilled to be in a position to take enrolements for 2023 as of Monday, 5 September. Our prospectus booklet arrived today and we will start our school visits from Monday. We are looking forward to sharing our vision for the school with our community.

Students at Hāwera High School, Hāwera Intermediate and all our feeder schools will have an opportunity to meet senior leaders and enrol at Te Paepae o Aotea. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions during and after the presentations. Whānau are encouraged to attend sessions to hear key messages.

Last newsletter I thanked all members of our community who spent time providing feedback on our eight guiding principles as part of our community consultation process. This information has been vital for planning our documents including the prospectus. In Term Four, we will give all members of our community an opportuntiy to be part of our Health Education consultation. Keep an eye out for dates and times.

From 5 September, enrolment forms will be available at the same time as our prospectus, both online (via our website) and in paper form. Enrolment forms can be dropped in to our office at 59 Victoria Street (next to Pita Pit) or returned to their current school office. OurTransistion Plan with dates is attached later in the newsletter – please note there have been some date changes. Hāwera High School visit dates are now confirmed.

We are excited about the programme we will deliver to the Year 7–10 students currently enrolled at Hāwera High School and Hāwera Intermediate on Fridays in Term 4. This will give us an opportunity to unpack our school name, logo, whakatauākī and values with students. Students will experience ‘what a day at Te Paepae o Aotea looks like.’ The purpose of these visits is for students to become familiar with expectations and what they are going to do, before they start next year. They will also get an opportunity to meet some of our staff and begin forming positive learning relationships.

Year 6 and 8 students coming from our feeder schools will have transition visits in Term 4, run by Te Paepae o Aotea staff. These dates can be found in this newsletter and commence Week 4. They will also focus on unpacking our school name, logo, whakatauākī and values. However, a large portion of these visits will focus on students becoming familiar with the site so that in the new year they are confident in knowing where to be and when.

Information on senior student subject selection can be found later in this newsletter. Students will receive further information when senior staff meet students to discuss the prospectus and how to enrol. Subject selection confirmations will be undertaken in interview form either before Christmas or in the New Year. These interviews will involve students, whānau and staff to ensure each student has a learning programme that best meets their needs.

Thank you to all those in our community who continue to support our school. appreciative and look forward to continuing this journey with you all.

Ngā mihi

Rachel Williams



Classroom Teachers

Louise Hurley (Hāwera High School)

Lucas Feistauer (Tamatea High School)

Catherine Saysell (Hāwera High School)

Corben Mortensen (Beginning Teacher)

Kelly Bleackley (Hāwera High School)

Maddison Trousselot (Beginning Teacher)

Rose Fischer (Hāwera High School)

Arielle Perrett (South Africa) Dylan Perrett (South Africa)

John Roy (Hāwera High School)

Khushman Vaid (Hāwera Intermediate)

Whare Curriculum Junior

Julie Hill (Waitara High School)

Sam Harris (Professional Learning Facilitator – Cyclone Computer Company)

Whare Pastoral Senior

Faye Walker (Alfriston High School)

Guidance Counsellor

Megan Wereta (Hāwera High School)

Student Data Administrator

Megan Crawshaw (Hāwera High School)

Bus Routes

The link below shows the current bus routes. At the end of this term the revised South Taranaki bus routes will be available on this same link. The current Hāwera Intermediate stop has been removed from the bus route.


Te Paepae o Aotea - Interim Uniform 2023

At Te Paepae o Aotea, students, staff and community representing our school share a responsibility to uphold our school mana by wearing our logo with pride. Students will wear an interim school uniform in 2023. In Term 1, extensive community consultation will take place to decide the school uniform provisions from 2024 onwards.

Te Paepae o Aotea interim uniform consists of:

• Navy blue polo shirt with school logo (two provided by school)

• Navy blue hoodie with school logo (one provided by school)

• Navy Blue jacket with school logo (available to purchase at $73)

• Plain dark navy blue or black school shorts, skort, culottes, skirt or long pants (no jeans)

• Plain all black school shoes/sandals

• Plain black/navy or white socks

• Students can wear a plain black or navy blue jacket

• There is no specific uniform for PE - students change into comfortable activewear

• Sports uniforms will be provided by the school

Pre-owned Hāwera High School uniform navy blue shorts, skirts, trousers and Hāwera Intermediate School uniform navy blue shorts can be worn.

The Ministry of Education EDI Fund will subsidise two Te Paepae o Aotea polo shirts and one Te Paepae o Aotea hoodie for each student. These will be issued at the start of 2023 at student Individual Learning Programme meetings with whānau. Additional polo shirts and hoodies are available for purchase. Uniform items not provided by the school can be purchased from The Warehouse Hāwera and Postie Plus Hāwera at very reasonable prices.

Uniform order forms are attached to the Enrolment form. You are welcome to visit the Te Paepae o Aotea office, 59 Victoria Street, Hāwera between 3 - 4:30pm to try on samples for sizing.

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Check out our Website

We encourage you to explore our website. Key information about our school name, logo, story and history can be found there. Remember, we also have a video explaining the significance of being gifted our name on our school website, www.tepaepaeoaotea.school.nz

Enrolment Information and Transition Plan

Term Three

Enrolments Open at Te Paepae o Aotea - 5 September 2022

Online (through school website) OR in paper form (collect from Te Paepae o Aotea office OR given to students with their prospectus during school visits). Completed enrolment forms can be returned to our office at 59 Victoria Street or handed into primary school offices.

Schools Visits

Enrolment forms together with our prospectus will be delivered to all students at these visits. We welcome whānau to these sessions.

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Assemblies in PFA 1 during week 8, 13-16 th September will be held at Hāwera High School to present our prospectus, subject choices and enrolment information to all HHS students.

Tuesday, 13 September Wednesday, 14 September Thursday, 15 September Friday, 16 September Tuesday, 20 September

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Catchups for Year 10 TOPEC students, plus any others

From 5 September, contact us on 06 223 2000 with any enrolment queries.



See the table below to note your school’s Transition Days.

Day One: School name/narrative/Te Paepae o Aotea Values/whānaungatanga/tours.

Day Two: Learning activities – a day in the life of a student at Te Paepae o Aotea.

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School Tours for whānau/students and Information Presentations

We encourage all new and current students to attend the Information presentations. Junior and Senior School presentations will be available. All sessions start with school tours.

Please note: The following dates have not been confirmed:

Wednesday, 15 November 4:00 to 5:30pm

Wednesday, 23 November 5:00 to 6:30pm

Wednesday, 23 November 6:30 to 7:30pm - NCEA Information Session for Year 10

Thursday, 24 November 7:00 to 8:30pm

Individual Learning Programmes – Planning Meetings 2023

All students at Te Paepae o Aotea will meet with their Whānau Teacher on either 30 / 31 January 2023 to plan Individual Learning Programmes and collect their provided uniform (2 x polos, 1 x hoodie).

Senior Subject Selection Information

Toward the end of Term 3, Te Paepae o Aotea will meet with current Year 10, 11 & 12 students to discuss subject selection for 2023. Students will be asked to complete a survey regarding current subjects they would like to continue being taught as well as get suggestions for subjects they would like to see offered in 2024.

During Term 4 we will hold a student/parent NCEA Information evening to explain the NCEA process. Subject selection for Year 10 will take place shortly after this.

Community Timeline

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