Hero or Zero?

Andrew Jackson Zero...

"Spoils System"

The spoils system allowed Jackson's supporters be awarded a gov job. This isn't good because it means that we have unqualified people in positions that are important to the U.S.

"King" Jackson

When Jackson was on his second term he started to over rule. He was being compared to a king. He disobeyed Georgia's law about moving the Indians to Oklahoma. This makes Jackson a zero because he was supposed to represent the US but it just made the US look bad.
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The Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson wanted to remove the Cherokee Indians from their land because they wanted the land and there was gold. He then passed the Indian Removal Act which forced the Indians to walk to Oklahoma. This was bad because he didn't follow what the Supreme Court said about relocating them. He wasn't following his own rules.

Inddian Removal Act

The Indian Removal act was crucial for the Indians(as shown in the pic.) Also the had the right to stay but the were forced out of their home land.