Venezuelan Protests

Crisis in Vevezuela

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Background Information

Venezuela is a country located in northern South America. The country is rich with iron, bauxite, and oil. Most Venezuelans live in large cities. Due to many of them working in the mining industry.
Most people worked in mines making the Rich have a very high standard of living. While the poor however, had a very low standard of living. Then the country's economy began to struggle. The government attempted to revive it but it didn't work. This was in 1994


Stores began to lose supplier. Because of this their shelf's began to become empty. Now long lines are outside of stores just to get basic needs. Hospitals lack basic medical supplies. Some Venezuelans blamed the US for the shortages. But really it is because of the drop in price of oil. Before the drop in price the government made common goods cheaper, which did not help them when the prices did drop. The government is broke. Then in a protest for more food, police shot and killed a 14 year old. People where outraged by this. Protests broke out. Then the government arrested people who disagreed with the president's decisions. Venezuela broke into complete chaos.

The government began to shut down TV stations and newspapers who apposed them. The government claimed that the US was planning to invade Venezuela. They mobilized troops because of this.

Now Venezuela has the second highest murder rate globally. They were rewind and set for tragedy before the protests began. Back in 1994. And they just kept going down.

Why Is Venezuela In Crisis?

Assessment Question

The Venezuelans didn't think it was right for the 14 year old to be shot in protests for more food. So the people decided to act. They stood up for their rights and protested the government.