Kindergarten News

Ms. Quick's Class

January 8, 2015

This week in Class...

Reading: We worked on the letter Uu and did a lot of reviewing of all the sight words. We continued to work on stretching out the sounds in CVC words (i.e cat, big, dad...). The class continues to improve on sounding out a single word given to them but they fall apart when asked to sound out a word in something they are reading or writing.

Writing: The student are doing well writing the sight words they know when they write but they sort of break down when asked to sound out a word they would like to write that they don't know how to spell. We will continue to work on it! This is also being seen in reading too as they have a big correlation. We started writing stories this week. We are working on these stories a page at a time together to build confidence for when they are asked to write their own story one page at a time.

Math: We started in on Module 6 this week. Module 6 has us learning the basics of addition and comparing weights. The children really seem to grasp the idea of addition. I'm not sure if that is because I'm using skittles or if they really know it :)

Science: This week the class learned about arctic animals. They learned about blubber and why it is important for an arctic animal to have. They even experimented with blubber gloves to test out how blubber works to keep animals warm.

What's Coming up Next Week?

This week's...

Letters: L and F

Sight words: that, she, as, of

Theme: FOSS

Reminders: End of Semester Friday 15th, No school Monday 18th

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