Silver Lake MathCounts

Join the team and exercise your right to do math!

MathCounts has a program for every type of student

We know that every classroom has a diversity of learners, so we create experiences that reach students of all ability and interest levels. Students who already love math can compete on a team against a rival school through the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. Students who fear math or prefer a more social setting can engage in fun, collaborative activities through The National Math Club. Students who love art or technology can collaborate on the creation of a unique video through the Math Video Challenge. No matter how students feel about math, MATHCOUNTS can help them find their path to success in math.

Every Tuesday and Thursday in November, December, and January. 1st Period

During our weekly math sessions we have friendly competitions, we complete math activities, we play Math Jeopardy, etc.

Any 7th or 8th Grader can join the fun!

Guaranteed to make you appreciate math!

Quote from a long time MathCounts coach....

“As a classroom teacher and coach, I can’t begin to tell you what a positive impact [MATHCOUNTS] has had on hundreds of my students. It provides a challenge and thinking skills that are too often missing from ‘approved textbooks’ or state curriculum—it does make a difference.” —Randy Lomas, MATHCOUNTS coach