Quory DeLozier



you know you can beat the best

youtube videos

awesome vids

get prepared for what you are going to see. it will blow your mind!!!! first video is crazy.
go to video one

bone breaker

Bones the Machine and DJ Aaron | Flexing & Bonebreaking | Super jam 2012
Dubstep Fastest Hands
3999 Inverted Solo 100% FC
starpower impossible song speedup gh3 bot

Christmas is coming soon!!!

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 2:15pm

Kismet, Kansas, United States

Kismet, KS

I cant wait for Christmas
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sound cloud music

my fav band

Brian Hammett

Orion - Metallica by Brian Hammett

About myself

My favorite color is orange. I'm a master a guitar hero. I listen to loud music a lot. My favorite type of music is dubstep. I play lots of video games. My favorite type of video game is Gmod ( Garry's mod). It is on the computer. My favorite you tuber is VanossGaming. I watch lots of YouTube. My #1 friend is Wyatt and Oscar. I like to go to school cause I get to see my awesome friends and teachers.


games enjoy. srry if I spell website wrong
DUBSTEP FINGERS | Finger Tutting Dance | PNUT | Skrillex Kill everybody
12 year old beats Spongebob in dance battle/WIGGINS ENTERTAINMENT
Epic Parkour and Freerunning 2013