Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 8, October 12 - 16, 2015

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Monday, 10/12

Professional Development

Student Holiday

Tuesday, 10/13

Vicki H. here

Wednesday, 10/14

3rd grade - Natatorium

Vicki H. here

Thursday, 10/15

3rd Grade - Natatorium

Vision/Hearing Screenings

Fort Worth Museum of Science & History - Science Night

Friday, 10/16

Vision/Hearing Screenings

Amy @ Title I meeting - 8:30 - 10:30

Amy @ FRHS - Collaborative Walk-Throughs 10:30 - 11:30

Saturday, October 17

"Running Scared" - 5K (Register to attend and earn 5 jeans passes! See Janie for passes)

From your Principal

To Do:

  • Print a hard copy of your schedule - put in Amy's box - deadline - Tuesday, October 13. Include library, computer lab and other
  • Begin printing your lesson plans & hanging a copy outside of your door each week. Thank you to those who already do that! It helps!
  • If you have a tutoring schedule, please print and put in my box.
  • If you have not joined PTA, please do so.
  • WRES Social Committee needs you - please make checks payable to Jada Smith.

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From your Assistant Principal


  • Teachers, the TELPAS Training Center “is going away” and will not be available after October 15th. What does this mean for you? You must print your TELPAS training history before October 15th . Please follow the link https://texas.pearson.desire2learn.com/
  • Make sure to sign in and download your training certificates. New teachers to the district and campus , there is no way for me to view your history, as you are not connected to Whitley Road yet, since we’ve not started TELPAS (please make sure to make a copy of your cert. and turn it into me).
  • Keep a copy of your certificates for your records. I will cross verify with my report to assure accuracy. Please ask Araceli Lira and/or I, if you need help accessing your training history.
  • What happens if you cannot provide your training history? You will be considered a new rater and will have to take the full training calibration in the spring .


Teachers, If I am your evaluator, please follow the process outlined below:

· I will begin T-TESS evaluations on October 19th. It’s important that you schedule three days. The three days include your pre-conference (Day 1), observation (Day 2), and post conference (Day 3; within 48 hours of your observation).

· How do I go about scheduling my three days? Please make sure to have a face-to-face conversation with Tori to schedule your days. I ask that you not call or email her, as scheduling these three days are extremely important and time sensitive. I ask that you come with several different days, as my calendar is filling up quickly.


· Last day for referral, October 13th.

· Parent conference by, October 15th.

· Send your intervention logs to assigned IST/ESA, October 21st.

· SITs, October 23rd.

Included in each of the language arts units is a Performance Task for students to complete. While I have not read the performance tasks for each grade level, they are designed for students to work together in groups and pairs as project based learning experiences (PBL). We have some teachers on campus that are using the Engaged Learning Model (ELM), which is a form of project based learning. While not all teachers are participating in ELM this year, everyone can implement some form of PBL in their classroom.

Below is a short video that provides a look at the structure of PBL and how it is beneficial for students. (3 minutes, 49 seconds)

Project Based Learning: Explained.

Library Lingo

If you received a t-shirt, don’t forget to pay.

Monday classes, please don’t forget to come to the library this week!

iPad update:

  • I am at the mercy of a particular person to stop by and help me get the iPads in a usable state. Only he knows what needs to be done to them. I have been able to share a few of the devices that are ready for short term check-out, but there are still student and teacher iPads that are just sitting in a holding state in the library office.
  • I would like to suggest reserving the computer lab weekly as a way to help get student minutes in for iStation.

Don’t forget that we have free access to PebbleGo until Nov. 15. The login is: txapple15 and the password is: spice