What I Learned

By: Dominic Baker

Sensory Language

Sight-Ex. I was looking at the birds in my yard.

Hearing-Ex. I was listening to the fireworks from my house.

Smell-Ex. The fragrance of the food lingered from dinner.

Taste-Ex. The flavor of the steak was the best thing ever.

touch-Ex. The sheep felt like really soft fuzz.


The way your supposed to feel during the story.

Ex. In the end all were gone, except for one who was all alone.

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5 w's

When-What time the story is happening.

Ex.2015,midnight,and evening.

Where-Where the story takes place.

Ex. Downtown Dallas, Alvarado, and the movie theatre.

What- The cause.

Ex. All the bamboo is gone.

Why-Why the what happened.

Ex. The panda's ate it all.

Who-The characters in the authors story.

Ex. Jo, Bill, and Phil.

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Thesis Statement

The hook or the part of the beginning of the story that tells what your story is going to be about.


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The location and the time of the place in the story.

Ex. On the beach with trees all around me.

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Character Development

The way the character changes throughout the story.

Ex. The Grinch's heart changes near the end of the story.

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