Christianity is the most common religion in the world

Christians and Their Way of Life

The Christians call their God, Jesus, simply God. The common figure between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity is a man named Abraham. Christians go to church - their place of worship. The biggest church is the Church of Holy Sepulchre, located in Jerusalem, Israel. It was built near the place where Jesus was crucified. The most common sects of Christianity are the following: Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Mormons, and Orthodox.

Christians and Their Beliefs

The followers of the Christian religion are called Christians. Christians believe in Holy Trinity, Resurrection, and Salvation. Holy Trinity is the believe of seeing God as father, son, and Holy spirit. Christians believe that Jesus, their God, was resurrected after the Romans killed him and went to his disciples before joining his father in heaven. Salvation is the belief that after death, everyone faces judgement where God can save them from sins and can grant them everlasting life. Christians celebrate the holidays, Christmas and Easter. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. It is celebrated during the last week of Lent and is the Sunday after Good Friday (the day of Jesus's crucifixion).


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