3 for Thursday

December 3, 2015

1. Headphone Help

Check out the neat way Mrs. Mashburn has tamed the audio issues in her classroom. By using a short audio extension cable that is attached to the rear audio port on your computers, you can avoid using the front audio ports (which we're not supposed to use!) and avoid students needing to plug their headphones and earbuds into the actual port. You can even attach a splitter cable, allowing two students to use/listen to the same computer. Place your headphones/earbuds in boxes or baggies for students near the computers for easy access:)
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2. Smarty Pins with Google Maps

Smartly Pins is a cool little game to help your students (or you!) practice a bit of geography and history and could be a great option for early finishers. Have students open a second window for researching the answers to the questions rather than just guessing randomly. And although you can't input specific questions, you can use the Select a Category feature to keep the content in the educational vs. entertainment realm. Warning: It's somewhat addicting!


HSTRY is a free tool that allows you to create timelines that are presented in a scrolling feed similar to the look of Facebook. Many of you have asked for a good timeline creation tool in the past and this one appears easy to use and should be accessible from most any device. When you set up an account as a teacher, you will receive a code to share with students that will allow them to sign up and join your class. There is even an option to sign up with their Google account. As with most sites, you will need parental permission in order to use with students. The Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (“COPPA”) requires that online service providers obtain parental consent before they collect personally identifiable information online from children who are under 13. Schools, districts, or teachers must represent and warrant that they are solely responsible for complying with COPPA, meaning that you must obtain advance written consent from all parents or guardians whose children under 13 will be accessing the site. Once you've signed up for your own account, be sure to do the quick "walk-thru" tutorial that explains the various features available. Although this student didn't particularly stick to the creation of a timeline, her overview of Kent will help you get a feel for the possibilities.
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