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Week of November 17th

As we approach the start of a busy holiday season, let's remember to take some time to rest and enjoy our families. Thank You for being instrumental to the students at Cascade!!!!

Enjoy your Break

Take your students on a tour of the States

Professional Learning Community Flashback

Science Redelivery: Assessments & Differentiation

Assessments are the driving force to our planning for differentiation

Writing Redelivery: Epic Writing

R.A.C.E (posters can be created at ISC, please send a pdf to

Unpacking the Standards

Wonderful Writing Strategies

Math Redelivery: Math Solutions

Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP)

Talk Moves

Digit Place

Four Strikes


  • Progress Reports go home tomorrow: November 21st
  • Faculty Meeting: December 2nd (Please bring your laptops)
  • Interim Benchmark Testing Window: December 8th~ 19th (1st- 5th grade)
  • Classroom Spelling Bee: January 12~14
  • School-Wide Spelling Bee: Wednesday, January 22nd (K~2 @ 9:00) (3~5 @ 12:00)


Please plan to facilitate your college prep on your scheduled day (8:15-9:00). We need to hold true to our intervention time…(Whatever day is your scheduled, day, you will have 3 adults in the room, including yourself, the sub and your assigned partner, so you can do something very creative). The remainder of the day (before school 7:20-8:00) and after your college prep may be used for planning with your team.

**All meetings should be held in the conference room, grade level chairs will receive a feedback form to complete minutes for your planning content**

  • December 1st: Kindergarten & Mrs. Bell
  • December 2nd: First Grade
  • December 3rd: Second Grade & Mrs. Spraggins
  • December 4th: Third Grade & Mrs. Edmond
  • December 5th: Fourth Grade
  • December 8th: Fifth Grade & ESOL
  • December 9th: IRR Teachers (We should have 3 teachers by December 9th) & SID/PID
  • December 10th: Special’s teachers ( I know that specials teachers have additional planning throughout the day however because they are now included in college prep, and will also began working with PreK, I have added them into the additional planning as well)

Science Fair in December

Cascade will host our annual Science & Engineering Fair on December 11th. Please begin to work with your students on your class project. Grades K~2 will complete one class project. All projects must include a display board and a log book. (please see Science folder from Gamble for criteria)

Science Project Resources:

Shout Outs


**Awesome job**

K~ Mrs. Mead: 144

First~ Thompson: 93

Second~ Macon:247

**Mr. Hampton did a great job on our College & Career Readiness Week**