How To Use A Computer!

This will teach you a bit more about computers.


This will teach you about what a computer is and somethings that it needs to operate properly. A computer is a device that can create data and store it inside.There are lots of parts in a computer such as a hard drive, Mother board, Processor, Ram card and various different devices that can be connected to it like a mouse, keyboard,speakers, monitor, etc.


The user is someone that is using the computer at the moment, If you are using the computer that means your the user and the user is someone that sends and gives the order to the processor where it gets processed quickly/slowly depends on how fast your processor is and that instruction you gave it it will send it to the computer.

power supply

An power supply is a device that takes electricity out of the plugins and inputs it into the computer with a precise amount of power needed (nearly every country has they're own amount). The power supply can give energy to various amounts of devices at once if the device is connected to the motherboard, e.g. fan, light, screen, camera,nearly everything in a computer.

The Motherboard!

The motherboard is precious to a computer, imagine a computer is a human and the motherboard is (i know your probably thinking the brain but its not) its the very soul of the computer, without it it would not be able to do anything.

Operating System

the operating system is the computers blood, it is the data of the computer that makes it even accept the codes and instruction we give it.the data is basically just information.Every device that can connect to the computer can send in data or send out data. Without the system of a computer we would just have the shape and design of a computer but you can't even do anything with it ( won't even turn on).It lets do everything that we do with computers now, everything electronic uses a operating system.
Computer Basics: Inside a Desktop Computer

Other then the mother board but also important is the CPU/processor and the Hard drive/storage and the Ram device

Input and Output devices

What Do Input devices do?

In computers, there are also many different things that work with it, an input device is a device or something that you connect on your computer and that also can tell something like for example, a mouse can move the cursor and the keyboard can type.see below for some input devices.
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What Do output devices do?

As i said above there are lots of things that work with the brain, an output device is also something like that and it is used from transferring data out of the computer like onto audio systems,printer, speakers,headsets, earphones and etc.see below for some output devices.
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If you learn better by videos, this video will help show you what a computer is easier.

Computer Basics: What is a Computer?

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