By: Nick Klein

Plants and Animals on Mars

There are people that have strong beliefs that things can grow on Mars and that we can put plant and animal life on Mars. I think that it is possible but, you need to have an enclosed heated and self-sustaining habitat with fresh water.

Water on Mars

There have been images from rovers that show there is water on Mars. The water is either frozen or super salty which prevents freezing. Satellite pictures show streaks in the sand like water running down a beach. Scientists have not been able to identify the source of the water on Mars but they continue to try to find the source since any life on Mars would be dependent on water.

Men on Mars

If you watched the new movie, The Martian, you might think that astronauts are on Mars and can live there for a long period of time, but really the only man made things on Mars have been rovers. We aren't even able to receive a rover back from Mars yet. There has never been a man or monkey on Mars.