Parallel Journeys

By: Eleanor Ayer


Helen Waterford was just a normal girl. Alfons Heck was just a normal boy. Both of there lives changed when Adolf Hitler came to power. Helen was a Jew. Alfons wasn't.

Think of being a Jew when Hitler was in power. Everyone you saw who wasn't a Jew would spit on you, trip you, prosecute you, and even more.

Now think of being in the Hitler youth. All the Germans loved you. Hitler adored you. But you had to work hard to go up the ranks. Also training was hard and brutal.

This story is about two stories. Helen's story and Alfons' story. Helen was prosecuted as a Jew and had to move out of Germany. She also had to go to more than one concentration camps. Alfons was a soldier in the Hitler youth. He was a very high rank, a Gefolgschaftfuhrer, equal to a army captain in the American army.

Read this story to find out what happens to Helen and Alfons!

Real-Life facts

1.Helen went to a concentration camp called Auschwitz, this was a real camp during the Holocaust.

2.When the Allies were trying to invade Germany, Hitler sent the youth to defend the west wall. Alfons was one of them.

3.When Helen went to Auschwitz, they did a health check, if you weren't healthy enough they would bring you to the gas chamber and gas you right then and there. Luckily Helen met their standards.

Who would enjoy this book?

I think people who enjoy learning about the Holocaust would really enjoy this book because you can learn about the Jews perspective vs. the Germans perspective.

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Non-Fiction